Experience the emotion of driving an ATV vehicle through jungle trails. Enjoy pleasant walks immersed in a protected natural area to explore caves, fly above vegetation with zip lines, discover archaeological vestiges, learn about the lifestyle of the first inhabitants and swim in a beautiful cenote with crystal clear water.


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**The minimum age to handle ATVs is 18 years old.


Taking Jungle Adventures Offroad

Come and experience an outdoor adventure unlike any other. Surrounded by the immense greenery of the forest and its fresh air, Native Park Playa del Carmen is an exciting place to get you, your friends, and your family into the outdoors. With a variety of different activities, your day will be filled with fun and adventure. Whether you prefer learning about the rich culture of the Maya or zip-lining through the forest, Native Park Playa del Carmen has many activities for you during the day and night. Explore by way of ATV, hiking, and swimming through an underwater cave or cenote.

Ride an ATV through the Jungle and a Spectacular Suspension Bridge

The Park offers many different activities. One of our most exciting adventures allows you to drive an ATV vehicle through jungle trails. The vehicles can be ridden by single persons or feel free to double up. Single riders must be 18 years of age. From 6-years-old anyone may participate as long as he or she is accompanied by an adult on the ATV. Can-Am Outlander 450 ATV’s will bring you along the jungle trails and across suspension bridges to visit Maya vestiges of the first Maya inhabitants of Playa del Carmen.

Zipline High Above the Jungle Floor

Have you ever imagined getting a birds-eye view of the jungle and its surroundings? Well, look no further. High above the jungle floor, our ziplines allow you to see the jungle by gliding through the trees. You’ll be able to experience the wildlife and vegetation from an incredible view. There are three different zip lines: 350 meters long, 250 meters, and 150 meters. Each will take you through the jungle (between 9-17 meters above ground) to get a good look at the Park’s natural surroundings.

Enjoy the Rich History of the Mayas and their Rituals

Whether you love learning about the history of Maya culture or you’re curious to participate in cultural tradition, the Maya vestiges will impress you. Your journey will eventually lead you to discover the Maya archaeological vestiges. The vestiges were most likely a site for ceremonial purposes. They are a traditional part of the Maya culture and were a pivotal point of gathering for the native people. Although there is still so much we have yet to learn, your knowledgeable tour guides will teach you about these structures more in-depth. Participating in a Maya ritual is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced (believe us!). An elder shaman from them Maya community will guide you through the ritual, which is performed as a way of preserving Maya heritage and ancestral tradition.

Although it is uncommonly believed to be a religious act, the ritual is simply a way of practicing tradition and culture of the Maya people for more than 4,000 years. The shaman will be dressed in all white, sitting peacefully, welcoming visitors to participate or watch as the ritual begins. Behind him, you will notice the Maya altar, constructed of wood, green foliage, and flowers. As the shaman begins to stand, he holds a cup overflowing with scented smoke from burning copal, a unique kind of aromatic resins from the Copal tree. Those adventurers who choose to participate will be asked to stand in a half-circle, just in front of the shaman and the Maya altar. As you stand in front of him, he will begin to take tree sap or copal and begin burning it in the cup in his hands. More and more smoke will begin to flow from the cup as the sap burns and aromas fill the air. The shaman will then begin to recite the language of the ritual, reaching out to the spirits to bless the tourists.

This is a form of connection between you and the shaman. It is his wish to share this moment with you and it is a way for him to share this important aspect of his heritage with you. Before the end of the ritual, you will be asked to repeat a few Maya words before you open your hands and release smoke into the skies above you. At the conclusion of the ritual, many feel an inexplicable sense of peace and calm wash over them. Your part in this ritual is an offering of permission to the Maya gods to pass through the worlds of the Earth, the heavens and the underworld in peace. It is performed with you just as it has been performed by Maya Shamans for over 4000 years.

Moments like this are meant to be inspiring and once-in-a-lifetime. You will be able to recognize the importance and history of one of the oldest native traditions in the world. Many participants have walked away from this experience feeling a sense of euphoria and inner peace. Not only is it a truly remarkable experience but it is a way to keep the heritage and sacred customs of the Maya people alive, allowing each generation to continue its practice.

Take a Swim in a Natural Phenomena - the Cenote Media Luna

It’s not every day that you get to explore one of the earth’s most beautiful natural phenomenons. You will further learn about the first inhabitants of Playa del Carmen while swimming through a cenote filled with crystal-clear water. Cenote Media Luna (Spanish for “half moon”), comprised mostly of limestone, will simply amaze you. This cave ecosystem is home to bats and fish alike, as the dark, wet habitat allows for a thriving ecosystem among the cenotes. The cenote’s water is so clear because the limestone works as a natural filtration system. This allows visitors to explore the underwater portion of the cenote very easily. You will see stalactites and stalagmites up to 500 years old, some being as long as 20 meters.

Cenotes are just as interesting as they are beautiful. Unlike wetlands, cenotes seem to be more hydrologically stable. They have low water level fluctuations between wet and dry seasons and they never become dry. There does seem to be a change in the fish community living among these cenotes, which is likely attributed to different factors of the habitat’s characteristics. Cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula are some of the most popular in the world, so can’t miss it out.

Hike Jungle Trails and Follow in the Footsteps of Ancient Maya civilization

Sometimes, all it takes is a nice walk through the jungle to pique your interest in nature. Our tour guides will take you through the jungle to a cenote, around Maya vestiges, and a traditional Maya house to learn about the area’s native culture. There is so much to see, as you will find yourself in awe of the incredible jungle landscape. You’ll get a closer look at the different kinds of vegetation, such as orchids and lianas, and wildlife such as spider monkeys and chachalaca birds. The intensity of the green plants and trees around you will make you feel as if you’re in an entirely new world. The colors of the jungle are some of the most vibrant in the world. The simple sight of a small flower will have you gasping in wonder.



Feel the adrenaline going through a spectacular suspension bridge over a cenote.


Fly above vegetation with three impressive zip-lines.


After a short hike you will found a cenote called Media Luna, swim in the crystal clear waters of this amazing pond.


Participate in an authentic Mayan ceremony led by a shaman.


Enjoy sightseeing in the jungle.



Yes, you are, small children are allowed (no younger than 6 years old). It is important to note that a responsible parent or guardian will have to take full responsibility for assuring that the child is under constant supervision.


6 years old.


Our expeditions are not suited for people with severe physical disabilities, heart diseases, pregnant women and for people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


“One of the best days of our honeymoon.”


“Wonderful time, would recommend your company to anyone.”


“What an unbelievable experience this was!”




Are you a globetrotter and do you like to discover the wonders of every destination at your own pace? Then, Native Park Yucatan is waiting for you.


Follow your tour guide walking through the jungle to discover beautiful caves and fly above vegetation with three impressive zip-lines. To the Mayan culture, light and darkness are one, unveil the mystic Mayan heritage by participating in a shaman’s purification ritual and a relaxing Temazcal session.


Discover the incredible marine life by snorkeling in two different reefs of the National Park of Puerto Morelos, the second largest barrier reef in the world. Discover the underwater world inhabited by beautiful multicolored fish and spectacular reef formations

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