Visit the archaeological site of Ek’Balam, an ancient Mayan city that knew it’s glory before Chichen Itza. This archaeological site is one of the latest Mayan archaeological attractions because of its most recent restoration works.


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This archaeological site is one of the latest Mayan archaeological attractions.

Ek’ Balam is a shining beacon of Maya culture. Although this city has existed for an estimated 1,500 years. It did not develop until well into the Classical Period (600-900 A.D., making it one of the most interesting recent archaeological sites to explore. This acropolis is the cornerstone of Maya architecture. This village once housed between 12 and 18 thousand people with 45 structures surrounded by stone walls. It is thought that it was more than just a city of religious significance. It had significant defenses, a game field, and an arch where a sacred path (sacbe) ended. These sacbes connected the Maya kingdoms together.

Of the many Mayan sites discovered throughout history, Ek’ Balam is one of the most significant sites as it is the most complex in its structure. Its structures are largely ritualistic in nature and the number of them suggests that Ek’ Balam was a highly sacred city. Be one of the few to see the rare “White House of Reading,” constructed by Ukin Kan Le'k Tok', this rare and beautiful decoration depicts a series of winged characters facing off against a monstrous opponent, associated with the entrance and exit to the underworld, a significant symbol in Maya culture. It is one of the most elaborate and detailed stone carvings in Mayan architecture. Be one of the few to see such rare artwork and be captivated by its detail. It’s one of a kind experience to see it with your own eyes.

Experience the Spiritual

Maya rituals are often considered to be euphoric by participants. Peaceful, calm, transformative, if you wish to participate in a Maya ritual, now you have the chance to. 40 minutes from Ek'Balam, at NativePark Yucatán, you will find a shaman standing before an altar. You will have the chance to stand before the altar and take part in the shaman’s ritual. This ritual has been passed down throughout the centuries from family to family.

Standing before the altar, use your right hand to capture smoke burning from a cup of copal, a kind of unique tree sap. This symbolizes your request for permission from the Maya gods to pass onto the underworld, “Xibalba.” As the shaman’s prayer comes to a close and the smoke fills the air around you and you release the copal smoke from your hand up into the air when the ritual ends. Of the many sights, sounds, and smells, this ritual is a full-body experience that will open your eyes to a world of peace and tranquility. It is a life-changing moment for many.

Rappel Down the Walls of Cenote Maya to Enter the Underworld

Now that we have been given permission to enter the underworld, we can now refresh at Cenote Maya, the biggest vaulted cenote in the Yucatan. What better way to enter the underworld than to rappelling down? The 23-meter descent is filled with wonders. It’s a fun and simple climb down to the bottom that everyone can enjoy. Feel the cool mist against your skin as you make your way down beautiful gold and turquoise limestone walls. If you’re lucky, you may see the wildlife that lives there too. All types of colorful birds and even bats have chosen to make the cenote their home. The crystal clear waters are home to some underwater life like catfish and other small fish.

Observe the beautiful microscopic flora that covers the water’s surface. See how the water seems to change from a beautiful clear blue to a deep emerald green in a matter of seconds. Get lost in the beauty of the colors and feel the mist in the air melt away your troubles. There is nothing quite like the dance of light and water as you rappel down into the grand Cenote Maya. Once you make it to the bottom, you can feel the refreshing air as water drips down into the pool below. Look back up to the opening and see the trees roots from below, it feels surreal. Dip your toes into the cool water and relax. It’s a nice reward for all of that exercise.

Unleash your Inner Wild Side and Splash into Action From Tarzan Vines

Yes, you read that right, Tarzan Vines. This unique zip line is designed for fun. Using a special type of swing, run off of the platform and hold onto the straps. Then, when you are dangled over the cenote crystal water, drop from the swing and splash into the natural pool below. It’s a fun, exciting way to cool off and a chance for you to show your wild side. Your Tarzan yell is optional, but to get the full effect we hear it is really worth a try.

Challenge Friends and Family to a Slackline Race

Adventure comes in many forms, and while zip lines and Tarzan vines may be fun, there is nothing more challenging than a slackline race. Participants walk along a rope at their feet while they hold onto another above their head as they pass through to the other side. Race friends and family or compete in teams. Either way, you’re sure to feel an adrenaline rush once you make it to the other side.

Experience history like never before

One of the world's most famous archaeological sites is waiting for you to explore. Come see the sights, feel the wind, hear the wildlife and feel the earth beneath your feet just as the ancient Maya people did. It's a journey like no other and one you will remember for a lifetime. Join us in the adventure and experience the rare beauty, and sacred wonder of Ek’ Balam.



Go down 26 meters rappel and admire the geological formations cenote of destiny larger vault.


Have fun with Tarzan vines falling into the water.


Cool off in the crystalline waters of the Cenote with the largest vault of the Yucatan Peninsula.


Swim and play with the strings “Trepachanga“.


Participate in an authentic Mayan ceremony led by a shaman.


Visit the archaeological site of Ek’Balam, an ancient Mayan city.


07:00 - 08:00 AM
Pick-up at hotels in the Riviera Maya or Cancun.

10:00 - 10:30 AM
Arrival to Ek’Balam or Cenote Maya Park (according to the logistics).

Archaeological area.

All park activities.

12:20 PM
Arrival at Cenote Maya (approximately time).

6:30 - 7:00 PM
Drop off at hotels in Riviera Maya or Cancun (Approximately time).


“His dedication, knowledge and passion for the Mayan culture has touched me in a way that I'll never forget.”


“I love what your company is doing for the Mayam community and how supportive your staff is to one another. Keed up the great work!!”


“One of the best days of our honeymoon.”




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