Why We Don’t Allow Cameras (Including phones) and other electronic devices.

This is a Delicate ecosystem, which your camera can damage.

Alltournative will bring you into the heart of a very delicate ecosystem. Even a single lost phone or modern digital camera can harm the balance of this ecosystem. Modern phones, cameras and other electronic devices have batteries and components with heavy metals and rare earth minerals. Dropping even one of these in an environmentally protected area or Cenote can create a cascade of damage and will add toxins to the groundwater source local people use daily.

Cameras are also dangerous for some activities and can cause injury.

Dropping these items from zip lines or ATV vehicles makes them dangerous projectiles, and is a distraction from following safety protocols. Just like texting while driving is dangerous. Taking a selfie on a moving ATV can lead to injury or death. Loss of a phone or other electronic device in the jungle ecosystem can also trickle toxins into the aquifer and cenote below.

For the above reasons the only cameras that are allowed are action cams with a correctly applies and secure strap system to make absolutely sure there is no need to use your hands, no ability to drop the camera, and no interaction with a rider/zipliner and the camera.

We know you want great images to document your journey. We have found a way to do this and make the world better at the same time.

To balance your need to document this journey with the respect of the environment and everyone’s safety we have created an alternative photo source that you can feel good about supporting.

We work with young Mayans to take photos of your experience. You can buy these photos and support these Mayan youth making a real difference in their lives and supporting their educational goals.

Within the Mayan zone of Chimuch, Pac Chen and Coba "The Imagenative Project" is the only stable and well-remunerated work alternative for young Mayans. If this option is not available, young people from the Maya communities would have to emigrate to other cities such as Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Valladolid or others inside the Riviera Maya and devote themselves to low-paid manual jobs.Imagenative supports nowadays all the people that wants to collaborate with a Native Park, most of them are people that live next to them.

The money that is generated from the sale of photography and merchandise, allows us to continue training more young people as professional photographers. With this money, we can buy cameras, lenses, flashes, servers, printers, computers, monitors and all necessary equipment that allow us to continue training more young people from Mayan communities as professional photographers.

Together, we can protect the delicate ecosystem, ensure everyone’s safety and build a better future for indigenous Mayan youth with training and income. We thank you for understanding. 

Communities you support with this

Chimuch, Pac Chen, Coba, Tres reyes, Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Uspibil, Yalcobá, Sisbichén, Chemax.  

Images of people working at Imagenative

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