Based on international safety standards and ensuring the physical safety of visitors cameras are not permitted during the adventure activities, they should stay with their hands free at all times. This includes type cameras “point and shoot”, DSLR and SLR cameras, disposable cameras and cell phones. Exceptions:

  • Camera entry style “action cam” (Go Pro), provided it is mounted during the tour in a chest or head mount is allowed. the use of video cameras mounted action selfie sticks, mounts wrist, hand or other body part other than chest or head is prohibited.
  • The entry of photo and video cameras in the case of previously accredited by our Public Relations department allowed journalists. In such cases, they must sign a special responsive for your team and wear the vest that identifies you as a press.

In addition to ensuring the safety of visitors, ensuring they have both hands free for activities, this policy is aligned with our vision of sustainability, as it provides income for 77 local photographers. The draft Imagenative (photo service expeditions) has created jobs for natives who were leaving their communities and their traditions. With this office they found an artistic expression and a lifestyle that allows them to stay close to his family, recognizing the great cultural and natural beauty of its surroundings.

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