It is very important that you read the terms and conditions very carefully before booking with us.

  • 100% will be charged to your credit card when you book your expedition.
  • Payments done with Visa or MasterCard will be charged in US dollars, any conversion to another currency will be held under the current exchange rate of your bank.
  • The statement will show the charge under the name of Alltournative.


  1. Children should be at least 6 years old and must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in our expedition.
  3. Cameras and other personal items are not allowed in the Tour areas.
  4. Persons under the influence of alcohol or toxic substances are prohibited from participating. (Read more about our policy here)


Changes and modifications

All modifications should be made at least 24 hours before the expedition. In order to change your reservation please send us your confirmation number and the new info to booking@alltournative.com and our reservation staff will contact you.

Otherwise you can reach us in the following numbers:

USA:   1-877-437-4990

Around the world:   1-877-432-1569

International:   +52 (984) 803-9999

Mexico Toll Free:   01-800-46 628483 (GO N A T I V E)



In case of cancelation and in order to get your money back we need you to let us know about at least 72 hours before the expedition, 6% will be charged.


No Shows




Alltournative provides interactive and secure expeditions, requiring physical participation of the visitor, whom must be in good health and able to understand and follow our guides instructions. If you have recently had surgery or an ailment that can physically limit your abilities, please mention it to our reservations staff before booking.


Special assistance

Alltournative makes everything possible for our visitors with special needs. However, you should contact our reservations staff before doing your reservation to explain what kind of assistance is required and make sure that we will be able to provide it.

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