Alltournative contributes to nature conservation by protecting the habitats in which it operates, comprising of 10 cenotes, 3 sections of the National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos coral reef, and 7,631 hectares of nature. Such locations are protected by agreements that bar hunting and deforestation, allowing biodiversity to thrive and a large part of the fauna to reintroduce itself into the habitat


After living a life full of economic limitations the Mayan communities that had, up to that point, survived off of the production of goods for self-consumption, found in Alltournative a means to move towards economic development. The communities where Alltournative operates not only receive a fixed monthly income, but also obtain additional income from visitors, which are generated through the sale of their crafts and other tourism-industry careers At least 400 jobs have been generated in Mayan communities, including tour guides, cooks, photographers, and operators. Quality of life has risen for the nearly 200 families that joined the formal labor market, all while promoting the preservation of their cultural and natural legacy.


At least 400 jobs have been generated in Maya communities, including tour guides, cooks, photographers and operators.

  • Education of the inhabitants in ecotourism practices.

  • Preserve flora and fauna.

The NativeReef project allows the reproduction of corals to repopulate areas with degradation: the objective is to collect fragments of elkhorn corals that serve as donors, and then placing them in the nursery waiting for them to grow independently and be transplanted on dead surfaces with a special concrete that allows the growth and formation of new colonies over time. In other words, the project is a way to cultivate corals and create colonies that will become the habitat of marine species, including those for human consumption. These colonies serve to collect material from wild populations on nearby reefs, achieving expansion and preservation of the reefs.


Quality of life has risen for the nearly 200 families that joined the formal labor market, all while promoting the preservation of their cultural and natural legacy.

  • Preserve and rescue customs and culture.

  • Promote respect for traditional customs within the community.


Within 19 years the region’s average education level has increased from elementary third grade to completing three years of high school. The tour operator offers scholarships and financial support to young adults who wish to complete professional academic studies.

  • Improve life quality for the inhabitants.

  • Development to the members of the community, primarily focusing on children and adolescents.


Alltournative provides expeditions and trips to eco-archaeological parks in exclusive locations that provide authentic connections to the surrounding culture and nature. This connection helps to create unique and sustainable experiences while exposing visitors to Mexico’s authenticity in small groups accompanied by specialized guides. As a pioneer in ecotourism, Alltournative provides innovative expeditions aimed at tourists with an interest in nature and Maya culture.

The sustainable development of the Maya communities is supported by the agreements made with community groups, committed not only to reach social and economic development but also to prevent logging and hunting in the areas visited by tourists through excursions in the Riviera Maya and Yucatan.

Through these agreements the protection and conservation of large areas of tropical rainforest, the great diversity of flora and fauna is achieved.

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