What does sustainable tourism mean?

Today, many countries have tourism as a major economic and commercial activity. The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in recent times. The advancement of transportation promotes accessibility and large investments in infrastructure services, hotels, airports, and roads. Putting the world at your fingertips, this has helped this expansion. Within this expansion, sustainable tourism is one of the sectors within this industry which has grown with more impact.

But... what do we mean when we talk about sustainable tourism?

All development implies environmental, cultural, and social impact, in addition to the commercial and productive expansion. It has been reported many times to the tourism industry as an industry without chimneys. But we know that any growth of infrastructure and services, accompanied by large urban enterprises, invariably results in a transformation of the landscape, nature and impact of existing social construction.In this sense, in recent times, from governments, private enterprises, communities and non-governmental associations, the development of sustainable tourism has been sought. Also, it looks for their economic benefit to protect the environment, biodiversity and natural resources, along with the sustainability of local communities and the preservation of cultural traditions.Thus, sustainable tourism seeks to preserve the landscape, ecology and awareness with the participation of communities in self-sustaining projects.Often the voracity of private enterprises so difficult, but the growing awareness of the value of preserving the environment and the involvement of both the traveler and societies where the projects are located, make it possible to enjoy unique settings and generate economic growth without wipe out the culture and nature.Sustainable tourism practices are needed in order to preserve ancient ruins and buildingsOur country is a country where tourism is growing more and more contributes to the economy. Countless cultural heritages sites, beaches, jungles, mountains, magical heritage towns, and cities, forming a scenario that makes tourism one of the main activities of the territory. Undoubtedly, one of the most developed scenarios that combine class services with unique scenery and a favorite for foreign tourists is the Mexican Caribbean.Cancun and the islands, the Riviera Maya, and its beaches are a paradise for lovers of comfort and fun but also for lovers of adventure, ecology and nature. There are plenty of scenery to enjoy and excursions to hire on your visit to the Riviera Maya and contribute to sustainable tourism.Some of the activities you can enjoy in the Riviera Maya are aquatic, ecological and adventure parks like Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Xplor or Garrafón. In addition to also, have natural reserves and conservation projects such as the sea turtle sanctuary at Akumal or whale sharks on Isla Mujeres. Do not forget about Mayan archeological sites and Mayan villages, with cenotes, rivers and ponds managed by communities, such as Coba and Tulum cenotes and nearby villages.

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