What activities should I do in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a city located in the heart ofRiviera Maya.This destination is ideal for holidays and weekend visits. At a natural environment where the beach and Caribbean landscapes are complemented by urban modernity, we present you the best tours in Playa del Carmen for unique adventures. And also, to learn more about culture, traditions and the so compelling history of  theMaya Culture.

Visit the Mayan archaeological sites

Mayan culture is predominant in theYucatanPeninsula. For this reason, that in the Riviera Maya the vestiges of ancientMayan citiesabound.One of the major activities and excursions for tourists who arrive to this land are tours to visit these places full of mysteries and incredible constructions. Generally, archaeological sites are surrounded by natural wonders that are included in these tours visits.

Adventure activities

Riviera Maya is a place full of adventure too. Rivers, roads in the forest, some mountains and blue sea are the perfect setting for activities such as zip-lining, water sports and ATV rides or. It is important to mention Mayan cenotes, ideal places for diving, snorkeling and swimming in groundwater as clear as the water of the Caribbean Sea. Among the toursin Playa delCarmen,there are options for everyone.Tours in playa del carmen include ATV rides in the jungle

Nightlife and food

Once the day is done and the sun goes down behind continental western Caribbean Mexico, the nightlife of Playa del Carmen, a time of day very popular in the city, begins.La Quinta Avenida (fifth avenue) is the epicenter of this activity and is the place where all kinds of shops abound. Many choose it as their shopping place due to its diversity. But there are all kinds of restaurants to try different cuisines (local and international) and several discos, pubs and clubs.As you see, Riviera Maya is full of choices. No matter what type of vacation you have planned in your mind, in Playa del Carmen you will find the appropriate option. Enjoy the adventure, exploring new places, living new experiences and resting in the most beautiful landscapes. Tours in Playa del Carmen have everything you need.

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