At present, there are many forms of tourism, a good example of this is adventure tourism, which is characterized by reassuring who choose the maximum feelings of adrenaline and contact with the most unspoiled nature; there is also eco-tourism, a way to enjoy the wonderful landscapes that exist in Mexico, respecting above all things natural balance.Specifically, in Playa del Carmen is seen lot of these different kinds of tourism, but have you heardwedding tourism in Playa del Carmen?

The same has been occupying an important place in all corners of Mexico and especially in Playa del Carmen, where increasingly there more economical to enjoy Caribbean Sea and packages. Mayan Culture in company the love of your life.However. I suppose you're wondering what involves wedding tourism.The first answer that comes to mind is probably a honeymoon. It is not like this? Well let me tell you you're not wrong, because tourism includes wedding honeymoon or any romantic getaway in company of your partner. but that's not all, tourism wedding also involves the act of marriage itself.

Mexico, especiallyPlaya del Carmen has positioned in recent years as one of the most chosen by couples tourist destinations who want live a different union a new experience traversed by Mayan mysteries. Many Americans and Mexicans elect Playa del Carmen and the land will witness their union. Perhaps it is because the natural beauty, which holds this city, like their romantic desert white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, or maybe it is the Mayan mysteries circulating the rain-forest.A mayan wedding in Mexico's beachesWhatever the reason, the reality is that couples choose to get marry in Playa del Carmen and, aware of this, large hotel chains have been prepared to face this new challenge.The luxury hotels inPlaya del Carmen, have begun to offer packages that include up mobile civil registries, and stay all party guests. Each hotel interested in catching this new audience has huge event rooms, or beach clubs in which takes place this sacred union, and of course the necessary facilities so that after the wedding night the young couple begins enjoy full seduction this:Imagine this: you see that person you love so much, sighing.

Next thing, you turn your face and see all the people who you love and at the background of the scene: the vastness of the Caribbean Sea, which hits angry white sands celebrating the union of which is witnessing. Is not it fantastic?

Weddings in Playa del Carmen are booming. What are you waiting to travel to this destination of love?

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