Riviera Maya is one of the most important tourist destinations inMexico.There, you won’t only find dream Caribbean beaches, but you can also experience firsthand these fascinating Mayan mysteries. And at the same time enjoy, its entire cultural heritage which it is manifested in its ancient cities in their rituals and of course, in how they eat.Eating is without a doubt one of the greatest pleasures of life and, much more, if the meeting involves tasting new flavors, scents and colors. There are some tours in Riviera Maya to enjoy these delicacies. This place combines in its dishes the more ancient indigenous customs that you can imagine, with the culture of the Spanish conquistadors. In addition, this perfect fusion is added to the richness of the environment of that sea as beautiful as prosperous.How to summarize thetypical flavors of Riviera Maya? Well, first, we must think of the raw material of this land: fish, shellfish and tropical fruits; these become the main ingredients of the Caribbean cuisine. Other fundamental ingredients are squash and corn, thesacred food of the Mayanmeals. And how about you enjoy them as part of Riviera Maya excursions? Check it out:

More on corn and the Maya:

[su_youtube_advanced url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFQkouDNdV8" width="360" height="200" responsive="no" controls="no" autohide="yes" rel="no" theme="light" https="yes" wmode="transparent"]The dishes that best represent the multicultural melting and serve as a living memory of a nostalgic past are:
  • Papadzules:delicious corn pancakes stuffed with boiled egg, bathed in tomato sauce spiced with habanero chile and onion. They are perfect for those who do not prefer fish. These can be enjoyed in Riviera Maya excursions.
  • Panchudos and Salbutes: These are typical tacos from the south of Mexico. The peculiarity acquired in the Riviera is that they are filled with shrimp, lobster, chicken, egg, beef or pork; They are served with lettuce or cabbage, avocado, tomato and red onion.
  • Cochinilla Pibil. Pork strips marinated in achiote, seasoned with sour orange juice, garlic, cumin, salt and pepper. This mixture should be wrapped in banana leaves and then cooked in an oven underground. It is accompanied with tortillas and habanero.
  • Ceviche,a classic in the region. It consists of a mixture of seafood or fish, they can range from shrimp to octopus. These, are mixed with onion, red onion, avocado, Yucatecan herbs and lemon.
  • Lime soup. This has Yucatecan chicken and herbs. Its simplicity makes it completely exquisite.
  • Tikinxic Fish. You can marinate it with achiote paste sauce, tomato, onion, garlic and orange; then, in order to cook it, it has to be buried in a hole made in the sand and covered with a banana leaf.
Enjoying the cuisine of theMexican Caribbean and Riviera Maya excursions will be an unforgettable experience. Many of the native dishes, like soups, are a undeniable legacy of the Mayan civilization. Discover a real feast of flavors, textures, aromas and colors for your palate and travel to the past in every culinary encounter.

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