The site of Coba: an amazing place to visit

Whenever we travel in our vacation time, we search for a different life to live within the time we have available for resting and being out of the office and duties. That’s why we often rely on nature and the beautiful wonders it has for us. There, we will definitely find a perfect place to clear our minds and recharge our batteries to keep on with the routine and hard work, once we are back. But not everything has to do with nature; if we are courageous enough, we might also encounter a new culture while we visit new places. And maybe we will get to know and learn from their history and customs. It is always interesting to discover how other people with different lifestyles live around the globe, and Coba is no exception.

The archaeological site of Coba is one of these places where we can explore a new culture all along with their ancient cities, their villages and their traditions. Located in the Riviera Maya area of the Yucatan peninsula, this site is one of the well-preserved Mayan buildings that a tourist can find while having a vacation time in Mexico. It stands in the middle of the Mexican jungle and it is surrounded by rivers and lagoons, which are amazing places to get engaged in water activities like canoeing and kayaking between the mysterious forest.

Among the activities that you can be part of in the site of Coba are different tours that will allow you to explore and walk through the Mayan temples, houses and, most importantly, their pyramids. Coba features the Nohoch Muul pyramid, which is the tallest in the Riviera Maya and allows visitors to climb to the top and enjoy a great and wide view of the tropical landscapes. From there, the clear lagoons and rivers can be appreciated fully. And, as if it was not enough, the Mayan lands keep a last secret that nature has reserved for this area only. Cenotes are a natural landform that is very rare if we consider it globally. Almost all of them are located in the Yucatan peninsula. Considered sacred by the Mayans, this water pools hold beautiful rock formations and are a perfect place to dive and snorkel through caverns and caves.

Some cenotes near this site also feature some activities for the most adventurous people. They count on the necessary infrastructure for practicing rappel and canopy. This is an incredible experience to have. Imagine yourself riding via ropes above an amazing place as a lagoon that is inside a cave. You will definitely live a unique experience and will admire very special views of a landscape that cannot be seen in any other destination.

Enjoy all this activities in just one place and prepare for a new experience in your trip to Mexico. The site of Coba is a comprehensive destination that mixes adventure, culture, history and the tasty Mexican food. Yes, around the site there are also Mayan villages where the real Mayan still live and that way, trying the delicious Mayan dishes and beverages is an option that should be highly considered!

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