When we are on our vacation, it is important to note that caring about the environment must also be present. But it doesn’t have to mean extra work or depriving of certain things. You may have a great time in a new place and also take small measures to help thesustainability of the chosen destination for the holidays. So, we are also being part of ecotourism. Next, we'll give you three main ideas to be eco-sustainable in your visit to theRiviera Maya.The Mayan Riviera is a region located in the southeast ofMexico and is characterized as a natural territory to which a large number of tourists come every year looking for rest and relaxation. Many of the most beautiful beaches are found there, as well as forests with marine life and crystal clear water. That's why on your journey you must take into account a few quick tips to keep these natural wonders as well as they are.Going green means no littering but in a basket or bin and trying to use recyclable materials. For that matter, you can order a bag to the staff where you are staying and separate the products that can be recycled by being properly disposed. If you add avoiding disposable products made ​​of plastics, you take care of water consumption and usebiodegradable products,will have contributed more than you can imagine.Learn how to be sustainableAnother important aspect to be sustainable on vacation is torespect and value the culture of the local peopleyou are visiting.In this case, in the Riviera Maya there is a large presence of the Mayan culture. Hundreds of years ago, the Mayans inhabited the area and that is why his legacy is visible almost everywhere. Respecting their culture it means caring for the ancient Maya archaeological sites, not polluting them or damaging them. That way they will be preserved for all to know them. A good tip is to always seek the consent of the people to take pictures in certain places. Learn from a new culture is also a way of contributing to eco-tourism.And finally, you can alwaysencourage local economies by getting involved with them. You can take this advice for new experiences. Try the dishes and foods from the maya culture and will contribute to the regional economy. Also, do not forget to bring gifts to your loved ones at home. For that, you'll have a wide variety of crafts and products of the culture that are useful and decorative. Everything original made ​​by the Maya will have a special value and will be sustainable!

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