Those who come to visit the charming and dynamic city of Cancun inMexico,won’t only enjoy a fun vacation outdoors on their paradisiacal landscapes and beaches, but they will also find many attractions to explore the mysteries of the ancient Mayan civilization.

It is the valuable archaeological reserves that are located both in the city and its surroundings, one of the circuits most visited by tourists coming from all over the world to this fabulous Mexican destination.While there are several areas that preserve important traces of the splendor experienced by these peoples of the region, the ruins of Tulum are the most famous place, attracting a high turnout of tourists throughout the year. 

Tulum is just 130 kilometers southCancun,still an interesting site worth visiting for those who are staying in this beautiful Caribbean city.You can get to Tulum from Cancun by car onfederal highway 307, in a two hour approximately. And if you do not have your own vehicle, travel agencies offer tours, transfers and transportation that take the tourist in a bus ride daily leaving from the bus station downtown.

Mayan buildings at the Mayan site of Tulum in Riviera Maya.Known as the walled city,Tulum whose name means just "wall" in Mayan language, is one of the few cities that have this characteristic that is still up today, allowing tourists to learn more about the history and culture of these peoples.

Once in Tulum, there are some small Mayan ruins that offer a unique spectacle, as they are placed in the top of a cliff with a height of 15 meters from where magnificent views of theCaribbean Sea can be witnessed. It results very attractive due to its turquoise waters, and owning one of the most beautiful beaches in the region.In the city of Tulum you can admire several astonishing buildings, both civic and religious, which are very well protected and preserved, including the so calledCastle,an imposing building that has been built on the rock at 40 feet from the beach showing a majestic facade of an upper temple. This is decorated with columns serpentines, zoomorphic figureheads and a “descending deity”.

TheTemple of the Descending Godexhibits a figure representing a winged god. TheFrescos Templeis the oldest and was decorated with paintings of blue green on a black background. Simply amazing.Other attractions are calledHouse of Columns andCasa del Halach Uinic.

These are located on the main road, showing a clear example ofTulumarchitecture.The tour ofTulum shapes up a visit full of surprises, combining the best historical data, traces of an indigenous past and a wonderful landscape that frames the ride the whole time.

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