Sustainability efforts; social and educative development

In our company we believe in the family and education, for that reason, we are committed to helping the Mayan communities in the region with actions that enable them to maintain their family circles and improve the educative development of their children and youth.

Here some of our efforts:

  • Family unity has been promoted by preventing migration to other towns or cities looking for a job.
  • Fifteen years ago the average school grade achieved was elementary 3rd grade and nowdays, the average is high school completion.
  • In 2009 four Maya students have received from Alltournative grants to pursue careers in languages and architecture.
  • In 2012 extraordinary economic support has been offered to Cecilia Cahum, a young girl from the community of Laguna Chabela, who is studying biology at Chetumal. She is the first woman from this area to achieve graduate studies.
  • An ecofriendly house was built for the rural school’s teacher in Pacchen. Consequently, we have reduced the absenteeism and the rotation of rural teachers. We have also improved students’ education level.
  • We have improved access roads in Pacchen, Esmeralda and surrounding communities.
  • Other surrounding communities are included in social programs such as Epiphany Day, Children's Day, Hanal Pixan celebration (Day of the Dead) and Ecolabora (environmental programs) to name a few.
  • Children from eight communities will beneficiate of a safe transport to go to elementary and high schools located in Tres Reyes, Lazaro Cardenas.
  • Through the Civil Association Centinelas del Agua, we have supported workshops on environmental education to students in elementary and middle schools in Tres Reyes, Pacchen and Nuevo Durango, focusing on recycling programs, composting and edible gardens.
  • With the help of art, games, yoga and exchanges with other schools, children try to find manners to improve the community lifestyle.

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