As we begin to plan a trip - regardless of the destination - it often turns out that we primarily focus on the hotel and tourist activities while completely leaving aside the issue of security – which, in fact, should be on the priority list of any traveler no matter how adventurous they may be.

Cancun, along with practically the entire Riviera Maya region, have always been very attractive areas for foreign tourism - and with good reason. Its crystalline beaches and natural view of the area’s cenotes make this location a magical place for all types of tourists.

However, security in Cancun has always been put into question by local authorities and the press. Furthermore, this year the US Department of State released a "precautionary" statement for those individuals traveling to the city of Cancun, with the sole purpose of raising awareness regarding safety when visiting the area.

The levels of security in Cancun and surrounding areas have remained steady in recent years. However, it is important for any traveler to consider security before traveling to the region.

As in any destination – take precautions.

Taking precautions is extremely important, especially for foreign travels - but do not fear. Traveling to Mexico is one of the greatest adventures that one can experience. Culture, art, food, and above all, the kindness of the people, are characteristic features of this beautiful country. The way in which Mexicans welcome foreigners and express their courtesy, is known worldwide. That said, it's never a bad idea to follow a few tips to ensure that you feel safe during your vacation.

  1. When taking a taxi make sure you know which company it belongs to, or if they are partnered with the hotel at which you are staying. If you have any questions about transportation, consult your hotel’s staff. They can guarantee that the taxi you use is safe.
  2.  Try to stay in the so-called "hotel zone" or "tourist zone" -  security in these areas is always increased, with the primary goal of maintaining the flow of tourism to Cancun. Additional safe areas are those that tourists tend to visit frequently. If you are a foreigner, research the points of interest in the area.
  3. Watch your drinks!  While at your hotel, you usually don't have worry about paying too much attention to what they are serving you. However, you can inform the hotel staff if you feel that your drink has been altered. A well-known tip that is always useful: check your drink while being served.

Lastly, rely on the opinion of other tourists. Does the place where you ate have a good score on TripAdvisor? Was your hotel recommended by a friend? Pay attention to the people around you.

Most importantly, have fun!

Weather you travel to Istanbul, Paris, or Cancun there will always be precautions that are wise to follow. Being prepared is a part of being a traveler! Do not let the bad vibes ruin your experience - it's just a matter of using common sense.

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