Playa del Carmen is a city that is located opposite to the immensity and unparalleled beauty of the Caribbean Sea, more precisely on the coast of Quintana Roo. This city of international tourism is ideal for those who want to make a trip to a natural paradise hiding among the jungle riddles and mysteries of the Mayan world.Playa del Carmen is located in the heart ofRiviera Maya, and it is positioned as a strategic point to visit this coastal strip of land, as it is one of the cities that is best located relative to the attractions of the rain forest and the pristine beaches of theYucatan Mexico. In addition, this city is ideal to stay at because it has all the services that an international tourist city should have. Hotels of all categories, restaurants of different styles, shopping malls, international boutiques, natural landscapes, and lots culture and tradition.Playa, as called by locals, is the perfect retreat from the hustle bustle of city haven.Playa del Carmen,a destination with many tourist attractions, with excellent services was just a small fishingvillage as well as excellent tours and excursions.Among the main attractions of Playa del Carmen tours and excursions, are its shores. Its enchanting beaches seem to have been dusted with sparkling crystals. While these are lapped by the turquoise waters of the Sea Caribbean, with every swing. Here, you can enjoy unforgettable days, practicing snorkel and diving. Dare yourself to challenge the seas and practice sport fishing, and more.Playa del Carmen tours and pleasant beachesOn the other hand, if we talk about attractions in “Playa”, it is impossible not to mention cenotes. Natural wonders of excellence! These are underground rivers of crystalline waters. Which are kept free of contamination in the caves below ground, and are presented as a native exotic attraction. This exists only in the Yucatan peninsula. In them you can swim and snorkel, while enjoying the whimsical formations emerging from the floor of the cave.

The Natural Biosphere of Sian Ka'an

TheNatural Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka'an is another of the great attractions of Playa. Dare to take a boat ride touring lakes, swamps, bays and reefs. Be seduced by "the place where the sky begins" and revel in the company of exotic species that adorn even more the landscape. There are some Playa del carmen tours that will take you there and make you live the greatest natural experience.Finally, as the "icing on the cake" within the attractions ofPlaya del Carmen, is the archaeological site of Cobá. A city embraced by two lakes, which boasts more than 80 kilometers of Mayan ruins as both immense and chilling. In this city you will learn how this civilization lived through the castles, pyramids, tombs, and temples. Playa del Carmen tours have Coba as a great option as it is very near of the city.Enjoy your vacation in Playa del Carmen and be amazed at every moment with the best attractions in this city.

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