WithinALLTOURNATIVE there are many options for having fun. However, some of the most adventurous and inclusive options are the Native Camps. Do you want to join a camp that sets itself apart from the ordinary? Are you planning a school trip and don’t know where to go? Perhaps we have the answer.

ALLTOURNATIVE's Native Camps are educational camps that serve the purpose of fostering positive values ​​towards the care of the environment and respect for Mayan culture.

Our program is designed for groups of 20+ individuals, with a duration between 2 and 5 days - within which various integration activities are implemented. In additional, all activities are completely safe for children.

Endless Fun

One of the wonders of camping with ALLTOURNATIVE is that it will not be a typical camping experience, in a forest. We aim to make an adventure out of each and every one of our tours and camp activities. That includes partaking in activities that you would not find elsewhere.

We bring you closer to the Mayan culture! By means of our expeditions to Tulum, Coba and Ek'Balam, you will observe the archeology of the region. You will also have the opportunity to witness an ancient Mayan ritual, guided by a shaman in Pac Chen. And learn about the uses and customs of an authentic Mayan community in Tres Reyes.

We bring you closer to nature! There are opportunities to swim in the crystal clear waters of a cenote, visit an organic vegetable garden, walk through the Mayan jungle accompanied by a guide, visit the zoo and insectarium, and, hopefully, witness the phenomenal spectacle of local swallows.

We bring adventure to you! In addition, you and your group can participate in many physical activities such as zip lining, rappelling, and kayaking - all as part of a rally.

At the end of the day, you can rest in the camp and participate in integration activities around a campfire.

Consider the following…

Our camp is located 40 minutes from Cobá.

Our Native Camps include transportation, food, beverages, lodging in camp cabins, teaching materials, trained guides who will be on the lookout at all times, entrances to archaeological sites and parks, travel insurance, and a paramedic who will be in charge of your group 24 hours a day.

Are you interested in planning an educational trip? Do you want to live an extraordinary experience? Be a part of a Native Camp!

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