You are working at the office, studying at school, or relaxing at home when suddenly you are blindsided by the desire to be sitting on the beach. Sound familiar? If so, it is likely that you previously ruled out the possibility of acting on your desire due to budget restrictions.  

However, life is short. Being able to recognize the gift of life often times motivates us to turn the “impossible” into the possible. Including financial situations.

So, before you refuse to invest in yourself and your personal time, why not attempt to adjust your finances and investigate how much a trip to the beach of your dreams will cost?

Let's take a trip to the Riviera Maya.

Depending on the location of your departure and your country of origin, flight cost can vary considerably. Consider the following.  When departing from Mexico City, a round-trip flight to the Riviera Maya can cost around 4,500 MXN per person. In comparison, when departing from LAX in Los Angeles, a flight may cost around $500 USD per person.  

What about the luggage?  

Another point to consider is lodging. Which varies greatly depending on the amenities you are looking for and the type of vacation you have in mind. In general, the price per person each night in the Riviera Maya ranges between $ 800 and $ 4,000 MXN. Keep in mind, these prices reflect options for those on a tighter budget.  Within the hotels you may choose packages such as the European Plan, which includes lodging only. Or other plans that range from lodging with a continental breakfast, or the popular “all inclusive” plans which allow you to enjoy all that the hotel has to offer.

Exploring the surroundings.

If your adventurous spirit calls you to explore, we recommend buying a tour guide in the Riviera Maya.  

At Alltournative, you can partake in tours to destinations such as Cobá Encuentro Maya, where you get to know Nohoch Mul and/or Chichen Itza. Other destinations include the Cenote Maya, where you can witness one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. And introduced to the depths of an ancient cenote.  

Another way to spend your time is to enjoy the natural wonders and activities that you available to you at our Native Parks. For example, in the Jungla Maya you will witness the largest underground river in the world, Sac Actún.  The cost of our tours depends on the time in advance in which you book. It usually costs $128.00 USD, however, the cost to enter can be as low as $89.00 USD if you book 7 days in advance. We encourage you to ask about our special promotions through our social networks.  

So, are you ready to break the routine and make the trip of a lifetime?

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