If you are an individual equipped with an adventurous spirit, it can be assumed that it has provided you the opportunity to know many places around the world. Perhaps some of those places have been kind to you, while others proved to be less traveler friendly. We hope that the latter was not the case. However, there are places where many travelers have experienced some sort of discrimination.

In short, there are many people in the world and negative experiences can be expected when traveling. However, we can guarantee that there's no population like that which you will find in Mexico.

In Mexico, we are not only friendly - we are family

It's not about being nice, it's about taking a step further and seeing the other as if they were part of your family. This means that we open the doors of our home. If you are lost, or if you do not have a place to stay, there will always be a Mexican who offers to help you. Who will not leave you alone.

While in other countries they give you directions in order to arrive to your destination, in Mexico, there are people who, will even offer to take you.

Mexico reaches the soul via the palate

Maybe you will meet a Mexican who is excited at the prospect of exposing you their culture. And every Mexican knows that our culture is best accessed through the palate. Let yourself be pampered with the taste of Mexico. Whether it be a local who wishes to prepare a dish for you, or perhaps, a local who is willing to take you to the top spots in order to try traditional cuisine. Your luck depends it.

If you visit the Yucatan, ask for the pib, chayitas, or the papadzules. There will be no shortage of locals who, upon hearing the names of these dishes, will give you the best recommendations of where to find traditional cuisine.

Learn a new way of communicating

Regardless of whether you come to improve your Spanish, or already know how to speak it, while in Mexico you will learn to communicate differently. Here in Mexico we speak in a very subtle and figurative manner. Do not take everything a Mexican says seriously! Especially if the talk has to do with "chile"! Yes, it's going to burn more than you think, and yes, locals may be joking with you. That’s to say, many words in Mexico take on a double meaning.

Travel with another perspective

For Mexicans, life is to be enjoyed to the fullest. That is why we prefer to take things slow and to savor every moment. Our concept of time varies – the “now” can be postponed indefinitely, and our responsibilities don't cause us to forget that life is to be lived - not dedicated to worries. Apply our philosophy during your trip and you will witness firsthand the treasure of every moment. Especially when reflecting once it comes time for your departure.

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