Mayatlon 2018

Every year, Alltournative has been contributing to the development and sustenance of the Mayan communities. And will hold its 6th Mayatlon where up to 300 people will compete in a unique cross triathlon in southeastern Mexico.

The history of Mayatlon is not only about sports, but it goes beyond knowing that AllTourNative can change lives with all kinds of actions. That's why a way was developed in which education is carried further and further away by combining passion and adrenaline to transform the lives of young Mayans.

There are more competitors every year at each anniversary of Mayatlon who, regardless of age, place of residence and physical training, are part of the triathlon, therefore closing each year with a larger number of participants. The event will be held in Pac Chen, one of the Mayan communities which AllTourNative has a close relationship with. Located in Lázaro Cárdenas, Quintana Roo, on March 25th, 2018. This triathlon will include activities such as swimming, cycling and racing. The categories vary depending on the age, starting from age 25.

With a challenge of 1,000 m of swimming in the Mojarras lagoon; 22 km of mountain biking in gaps; and 6 km of cross-country race; Due to the dense physical activities, the Mayatlon is limited for people of legal age but we must remember that it is never too early to start teaching young people the passion for physical activity.

Cheer up and leave your mark not only during the race but in the heart of young Mayans who seek to be better every day. Join and follow the path of the warrior with more than 300 athletes and about 15 sponsoring companies that seek to raise funds which will be donated for the construction of high school classrooms in the Mayan town of Tres Reyes, Lázaro Cárdenas municipality.

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