The Mayan civilization is one of the original cultures belonging to the New World which has been alive for more than 3 thousand years and now you can experience this culture from Cancun and down. The Mayan lived most of their lives in the peninsula of Yucatan in Mesoamerica and they were once the biggest and most dynamic societies in the whole world. The Mayan culture is famous worldwide due to its spectacular art, its impressive architecture and sophisticated Maths and Astronomy systems, which were incredible advanced at those times. Have ever thought of the paramount importance this culture has for the American continent? Well, in case you happen to book your holidays in one of the incredible hotels in Cancun in the coming months, you will certainly have the chance of going on different tours and activities and learning all this and more, since locals as well as guides will cheerfully tell you everything about this incredible community.
  • Mayan Architecture. Its architecture encompasses some thousands of years. Its most dramatic and recognizable pieces are the famous fantastic pyramids which are located in Chichen Itza and Coba, just to name a couple. Recently, Chichen Itza became one of the seven marvels of the world, according to the UNESCO.
  • The Mayan Calendar. In spite of the fact that the first Mesoamerican Calendar was not truly Mayan, they were the ones who incorporated some chances into it in order to create a more sophisticated one. The Mayan as well as the Aztecan Calendar can be completely understood and investigated.
  • Mayan Writing and Art. This is the one and only writing system which has been developed in the pre-Columbine America. Mayan art is known as one of the most sophisticated and beautiful belonging to the ancient New World.
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  • The Mayan Tree. The Mayan civilization associated the east with the red color, the north with white, the west with black and the south with yellow. They believed that there was a fifth point which was the center and whose color was a mixture between green and blue. This tree connected the center of the earth with heaven and hell.
  • Mayan Gods. There were thirteen Mayan gods belonging to its thirteen different heavens and nine gods belonging to its nine hells. Nature, such as stars and planets, numbers, days of the week and seasons, had one god each. The gods’ mood depended on the days in the calendar, the position of the sun, the moon and the stars. Some of the most famous are Chaac –the god of rain and thunder- and Puch –the god of death.
At present, the Mayan civilization and their descendants made up villages that were distributed all over the Mayan World, and of course, now they keep their beliefs and traditions. More than 500 different Mayan dialects are spoken all over the area. Incredible, isn’t it? Visit Cancun during your coming vacations and explore each and every secret of the history and culture of this incredible civilization while you enjoy the greatest beaches on earth!

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