How to be sustainable on vacation!

InRiviera Maya there are growing projects ofeco-tourism andsustainable ecotourism. These combine environmental awareness, outdoors activities and nature with the development of local populations. Also, they take into account the respect for their culture and social inclusion to economic development that tourism provides. All these are aspects that enable us to live a vacation in sustainable eco mode.Because in addition to thetours and tourist activities that are held in natural wonders of Riviera Maya villages, communities and archaeological sites, at the same time it raises ecological awareness. So,biodiversity andnatural resourcesare preserved, as well as local families are economically inserted into the market knowing and respecting their culture and traditions. In short, the goal is that tourism does not involve environmental or cultural impact that sweep away everything. It is important that it be a shared experience for tourists and communities without involving exploit to exhaustion flora and fauna, water and air, life and culture of people.But we as travelers can alsohave a sustainable eco attitude involving scenarios we visit on our travels.In addition to rest, comfort, adventure and enjoying the scenery we visit we can contribute in our small way for the impact of our way more bearable for nature and local life. From the type of transportation or accommodation we choose to the way we behave, it can make a difference.Some key tips are:to respect the regulations and local councils on the use of chemicals and technology, not to disturb animals and plants with noise. Additionally, If you don’t separate from the marked trails, don’t harm, remove or take plants, animals or rocks, you are contributing. Do not generate non-degradable garbage, and if you do, dispose it where it belongs.Another way to contribute is to respect the culture of local people, their customs and traditions.Knowing is also listening, and involves learning to live together. At the end of the day,we are guests in someone else's home.If you visit the Riviera Maya, in addition to beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels, there is much to be done in Maya land, between sacred ancient cities, forest, rivers, cenotes and small villages. In Alltournative’s tours and expeditions you can take part ineco-tourism and adventure activities: touring the archaeological sites of EkBalam,Tulum orCoba, ancient cities of Mayan culture, combined with a visit to cenotes, walks through the Mayan jungle , knowing authentic Mayan communities and customs. All this with a touch of adventure. Here you can swim, rappel, zip fly, attend a Mayan ceremony and, of course, taste regional dishes.Do not hesitate! Come experience fully a mixture of nature, culture and adventure!

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