Many of us enjoy packing our bags and exploring the world. As world travelers we demand for good services at the places we visit and we also like for the touristic sites to be in good conditions. However, we need to pause for a moment and reflect if we are also being responsible and respectful when we go out to discover new places.

This is where the tourist etiquette comes in

Yep, this concept exists and it has to do with what only few travelers discuss during their voyages: our behavior. The tourist etiquette doesn't have to be a complicated guide with thousands of rules. We believe it is just about respecting some basic values that most of us already know.

However, if you are still interested in knowing some of the factors to consider during your travels, here are a few tips for you!

Find out if the agency you are traveling with, the hotel you are staying at, and the tour company you are visiting with are socially responsible.

This first point is quite important as many of the services you will enjoy during your visit will be supervised by people who shall be respectful of the area they profit from and the places where they are established, otherwise these companies/groups might be simply exploiting the local culture and the environment. AtALLTOURNATIVE, we are particularly interested in operating responsibly, respectfully and above all, sustainably. Ecotourism is a vital part of our way of life and we hope to set an example that others can start following very soon.

Research before traveling

This seems obvious. But surprisingly, many people do not take the time to do this before traveling. Do you know where you are going? Who lives there? What language do they speak? How do they greet each other? What values ​​do they have? How significant are their tourist sites?

Okay, okay. You don’t need to be an expert, after all, you are traveling to discover these things. But you should understand that going blank could cause you headaches. Also, having a little background of the place you are visiting will make you enjoy the experience even more once you arrive. For example, did you know that the Nohoch Mul pyramid in Coba has 130 stone steps? Knowing these facts beforehand will make your climb even more exciting.

Use biodegradable and environmentally friendly products

When picking personal hygiene products for your travel, make sure you don’t buy products that have any chemicals on them, preferably, buy products that are organic and biodegradable, especially if you are traveling to any ancient Maya cenotes. This is because the cenotes are natural and clean water pits, the water that runs through these spaces is not contaminated and preserving it is an obligation for locals and tourists alike.

Learn a few words in the local language

Spanish is not the only language spoken in Riviera Maya, they also speak Yucatec Maya. We believe there is no kinder way to communicate with the locals than doing it in their own language.

Here’s a tip; "Bix Anikech" is "Hello, how are you?" and "Yuumbo'oti ' ik" means "thank you".

Respect the local culture

If you are going to immerse yourself in a new culture, you should respect it as well. The traditions and customs of the Mayas are millenary, so try not to disrespect them. Be kind, greet the locals, ask questions and, above all, be grateful for the opportunity they give you to be able to experience what their culture offers.

Avoid littering

It is the most repeated of all, but it is amazing how easy spaces get dirty when tourists are visiting. We recommend that if you are going to carry a water bottle, do not use plastic so you do not have to throw it away.

If you leave waste, throw it in the garbage cans, and if you see someone else throwing garbage, ask them to pick it up. Let's take care of our environment.

And remember! When we travel, we are entering someone else's home. Let's treat that place like we would treat our own home.

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