Hanal Pixan: a dead souls story

Between late October and early November, it takes place in our territory the oldest and popular Day of the Dead and celebrations of Hanal Pixan.The arrival of the Spanish to Mexican lands led to the imposition of their religion, their worldview and the date on which the Day of the Dead is celebrated. However, over time, the ancient indigenous customs have survived, and his relationship with the death are observed especially in this area. InYucatan peninsula, theDay of the Dead also calledHanal Pixán,welcomes the visit of the souls of dead relatives with a more spiritual view influenced by Mayan culture.

Hanal Pixán: The food of the Mayan spirits and the endless cycle of the souls

In his conception of circular time, theMayans celebrating death is particularly evident in the ceremony of Pixán Hanal throughout theYucatanPeninsula.Hanal pixan is a traditional mayan celebrationFormerly, the Maya bid goodbye to their dead relatives and they buried them with symbolic offerings to accompany the journey of souls with food, drinks, rituals and altars. The body was buried in with a mass of corn in his mouth and cocoa beans. Corn and traditional dishes accompanied them on their endless journey. Today, October 31 is still devoted to the young dead ones in the"orbanalpalal", November the 1st to dead adults in"hanal nucuch uinicoob", and the third day the"u banal pixanoobo", a Pixan mass, takes place.Altars are raised, flowers are brought to the cemetery and typical dishes offered themselves to the souls of the dead are prepared. During theHanalPixán, or food of souls, oranges, tangerines, sweet potatoes, jicama, chile, new atole and as-Chucua (a big gruel made from corn and cocoa) are placed in tombs and altars of the houses.Tamales, are also prepared, as well as other foods wrapped in banana leaves and baked in home ovens, or roasted buried in the earth.Alltournative gives you the opportunity to live this tradition directly in a Mayan community. Every year you can take part in an expedition where all can participate and help the preservation of these festivities. If you are visiting Cancun or the Riviera Maya during those dates, see the details on the website to attend as space is limited.

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