As you begin your journey through the Riviera Maya – perhaps on one of our excursions to Chichén Itzá and Cenote Maya - you will be welcomed by one of our expert guides.

Each guide knows perfectly well the sites that you plan to visit, and you can be confident in approaching them for any questions or concerns.

We believe it to be of extreme importance that you feel safe with the guide that accompanies you, as they will be the person by your side throughout the journey.

Our highest recommendation is that you not only get the most out your visit, but of your Alltournative guide too.

Be prepared!

First of all, you do not have the knowledge of an encyclopedia on Mayan culture to travel to Quintana Roo,

but it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with place that you plan to visit.

Why? To be able to converse with your guide, so you can answer some of your most specific questions.

Listen carefully

One of the great advantages of having a tour guide is that they are equipped to share insightful information about the sites you choose to visit, and are more than willing to explain the most important details during the expedition.

Pay close attention - not only may you discover something new, perhaps something you learn will expand previous knowledge and help you to formulate new questions.

Remember, the best thing about the experience is to live and learn new things.

Follow the rules

Respecting your guide not only provides the advantage of creating a harmonious environment, but it makes it possible for you to accurately follow the rules and to maximize your senses – helping you to gain the full experience.

Our guides know what you should and should not do.

Try to pay attention and avoid problems, and we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your tour.


Let them immerse you in the local culture

The ALLTOURNATIVE guides are in constant contact with local communities and are the gap between the natives and tourists.

They know how to speak several languages ​​and can support you by responding to your curiosity about the Mayan culture.

Let them saturate you with their knowledge, and just maybe, you’ll end up learning a couple of words in Maya!

Enjoy the moment

If your guide is moving too fast, let him/her know that you wish to stop. The experience is meant to be enjoyed and taken slowly.

We believe that it benefits both, if both parties (you and guide) are aware of the expectations for the tour.

This is especially true if your intention is to contemplate the spaces and be in the moment.

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