Exploring cenotes at Ek Balam

Welcome to the Yucatan Peninsula, a paradise that combines the most beautiful natural wonders along the Caribbean and the deep jungle, the life of the Maya and Yucatan culture, beautiful colonial cities and the grandeur of the ancient Mayan cities and Mayan cenotes as Ek Balam.The Mexican Caribbean, which unfolds its splendor east of the peninsula, along the coast of Quintana Roo, offers heavenly beaches and nature reserves, among the best tourist services and legacy Maya. From Cancun or anywhere in the area, you can take the best tours in the Riviera Maya that combine culture, adventure and ecotourism, go into the Yucatan jungle. Visit archaeological sites, sacred cenotes among the best landscapes, walk on the road to Mayan villages and enjoy everything this area has to offer.

Ek Balam, where history and nature live together

Ek Balam is located a few kilometers from the Yucatan city of Valladolid, the capital of East Maya, colonial and colorful.Deep into the peninsula, you can go to the ancient Mayan cities guarding ancient treasures of a civilization that has managed to survive in their culture and tradition to syncretism and time.Coba, Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, and the pearl of the Riviera Maya, Tulum, the holy city on the coast, marvel at us from the past.The archaeological site of Ek Balam, referring to the former leader, it could mean morning star or black jaguar. Recent restorations of one of the oldest Mayan cities of the region, Talol capital, which dominated the region since 300 BC until its decline in the eleventh century.You can visit the imposing buildings of the late classical period between walls, a large arch, reaching a ceremonial center, a palace oval and a ball game court.Also, at Ek Balam, you can enjoy visiting the large and deep Cenote Maya, one of the many sites of groundwater in Yucatan that the Maya considered sacred.Going down stairs you access to the depths where you'll find a cenote of crystal clear water 80 meters in diameter where you can swim, rappel, let go of a vine, and dive through underground tunnels between odd geological formations.Do not hesitate! If you travel to the Riviera Maya don't let go the opportunity of visiting this wonder of the ancient culture and nature.

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