Ek Balam ruins is one of the lesser visited Mayan ruins and this tour gives you a chance to visit them in addition to Cenote Maya Park. If you are familiar with our website you will know that we like allTOURnative as a tour company for several reasons:
  • They work with local Mayan communities to promote tourism and cultural awareness.
  • They promote conservation and eco friendly projects.
  • Their tours are quality and provide well thought out tours.
  • The tours are small scale, no big tour buses.
  • The tours are not overly touristy and you get to see the real Mexico and Mayan world.
This tour to Ek balam and Cenote Maya are no exception, it was a good quality tour. Here is our tour review of what you can expect on this tour (If you like what you read, you can click the link to check dates and book it yourself at the end of the article).

Cenote Maya Park

Cenote Maya is the largest cenote in the Yucatan and the area around the cenote has been set up by allTOURnative to be a peaceful garden like park and an example of the Mayan culture.One of the reasons we like allTOURnative is the fact they work with local communities. This park is still owned by the locals and it rented by allTOURnative. They also create jobs like the young guys that help with the rappelling and take photos of the tour. There are also local educational programs for preserving the culture and recycling, of which you will see examples here.
Get the full story at: http://everythingplayadelcarmen.com/ek-balam-and-cenote-maya-tour-review/

And... they also prepared the following video. Thank you EverythingPlayaDelCarmen!

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