Ecotourism: a growing trend leading to sustainability

For our vacation time, we have always a lot of options to choose from. From the countryside, mountains, and valleys to beaches, the sea and lagoons. Every choice is covered for every taste and preference. But when it comes to environmental and local impact it is almost the same anywhere in the world. Nowadays, all of that belongs to the past as a new alternative is emerging and gaining a place in the tourism world: Ecotourism. What it basically allows is to help to conservation, sustainability,and preservationwhile relaxing, enjoying and making the best out of your time off work.

This is becoming a growing trend for travelers from the world and that’s very good news, as it help everyone involved in tourism. But, as good and recognized it is getting, still a lot of people don’t know what this trend is about. Well, here it is the answer. Ecotourism is all about practices and programs that are enforced whenever a tourist visits the chosen destination. These practices and programs help both local people and the environment always focusing in contributing to the sustainable development of local communities. And there are several ways to do it.

One, for example, involves the Mexican area of the Riviera Maya, in the southeast coast of Mexico. In this area, Alltournativeis working along with local authorities and local people to contribute to the growth of ecotourism. One of the participating communities is the Pac Chen. This community is highly active in the ecotourism practices, being part of tour packages like visiting a touring their villages. In this tours, tourists can participate in Mayan rituals, try the Mayan food and buy Mayan crafts. This way, they are being supported by the creation of new jobs and the implementation of agriculture programs. Their lands are being protected and their incomes are benefited at the same time.

There is another Mayan community of Tres Reyes,also located in the Riviera Maya. This Mayan community is settled immediately near to a cenote, which a major feature that attracts a lot of tourists. They participate in tours to the cenote as well as exploring their village. Tourist can now enjoy sustainable expeditions and get to immerse themselves in the rich Mayan culture.

Because of all this reasons and many more, the growth of Ecotourism is of main concern and an alternative that means little or no extra cost to the habitual practices that become even smaller when we compare it with the big difference it makes to locals and the environment part of the tourism activity.

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