One of mankind’s’ greatest ambitions is that of experiencing the world in which we live. There is a certain level of mysticism that surrounds the unknown, and what better way to experience it than by doing so without leaving a negative trace?

This Earth Day we invite you to fulfill your dreams in a sustainable way.

Go on an adventure, but do it with respect. This is the primary philosophy behind ecotourism, one of the principle values ​​fostered by Alltournative.

Alltournative ecotourism

Within Alltournative’s parks located in the Riviera Maya, care for the environment and respect for the spaces in which we, as tourists, briefly cohabit is strongly promoted.

We take care of the environment so that we may continue to enjoy its wonders.

Thanks to the daily efforts of sustainable tourism, 7,631 hectares of forest within the region have been preserved. Which includes the prevention of trees from being cut down and wildlife from being hunted.

One of Mexico’s most attractive tourist options located within the Riviera Maya are the “cenotes” near the city of Cancun. However, many people question if these natural wonders receive the proper admiration and care that they deserve.

Ecotourism provided by Alltournative makes it possible for tourists from around the world to visit 10 cenotes under their care.  All of which are protected by strict rules regarding what can and cannot be brought into the natural habitat. These regulations help to protect the cenotes from outside harm while still allowing tourists to experience their beauty.

Alltournative tourism not only seeks to protect the environment and improve the experience of tourists, but also to preserve local culture without harm or exploitation. Within Alltournative there are more than 200 families of Mayan origin who have been able to share their culture with the world in their own, unique way while boosting the local economy.

This 2019 dare to start a new adventure, but do it consciously and through empathetic and responsible tourism.

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