Among the many attractions that can be visited in Riviera Maya and, in general, the Yucatan Peninsula, there is a variety of ecosustainable parks of all kinds. Because of the beauty and natural wonders that can be found there, it is possible to find nature reserves, amusement parks, theme parks and activities closed to spend an evening of relaxation or adventure parks. But beyond all the existing comforts and fun there, an aspect to keep in mind when visiting a park that is highly important to consider is whether ecotourism is present on site.Ecotourism refers to sustainable practices that can be applied in any tourist activity. It takes into account the environmental protection and promotion of local and regional economies. That's why we will have a brief tour of some ecosustainable parks in Riviera Maya.

Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve

This nature reservation is located on the southeast coast of the Riviera Maya. It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1987. The name of this reservation comes from the Maya meaning 'gate ofheaven' or ‘place where the sky begins'. It was declared a nature reserve because of its natural landscapes but especially by the great diversity of fauna and flora. This is an area of mangroves and wetlands. A feature of this reserve are the hillocks, masses of trees that can measure up to thirty meters high and rising in the grass of the marshes. Of course, it is a protected site and is in pristine condition.

Jungle Maya Park

Another of the most famous ecosustainable parks of the Riviera Maya is Jungle Maya Park. Within this park you can perform many activities combining nature and adventure activities. There you can visit a cenote, swim in it, dive and many more activities. This is a reservation located in the mayan jungle allowing visitors to explore it through tours on Unimogs trucks admiring the beauty of this natural setting. Another original way is to cross it from above. Yes, you read right. The park has 5 zip lines to traverse the jungle "from tree to tree". And besides, this park applies sustainable measures for the environment, caring for nature while promoting the economies of the Mayan people, who are involved in the tourism activity.

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