Do you want to have a Mayan wedding?

Throughout history, cultures have had their own ceremonies, beliefs and rituals around the most significant moments for the individual and the community. Offerings to the gods and nature, events and cycles, rituals occur around harvest, fertility, war and peace, birth and death, and other events of a person’s life. In this article we discover how is the ritual of theMayan Wedding or “Boda Maya”.In western culture, marriage, either civil or religious, has acquired its own rites and customs, which, in each country, community or family are held roughly in similar ways. Choirs of angels, marriage rings, white dresses, rice abundance, symbolic flowers and bouquets, broken glasses or vows of love, they all succeed in our latitudes. Boda Maya en Riviera Maya / Maya Wedding Maya WeddingWhile romantic love on the one hand and civil marriage validated by the State, they are more modern ceremonies, over the centuries, cultures and religions, the marriage was celebrated in different ways sanctifying the union of two bodies and two souls. In theRiviera Maya,in addition to beautiful beaches or exclusive Resorts, natural wonders and fun, you can contact in various ways with Mayan rituals to celebrate the most special day of your life:your wedding.Have fun refreshing in its cenotes, underground rivers, revel in their tastes and enjoy dances and music,archaeological sites. In the same Mayan villages you can also have a  tour to experience the ancient culture alive in various excursions in Riviera Maya.A special way of combining a unique and original wedding in a paradise-like setting with a spiritual ceremony celebrating the ancestral culture is an authenticMayan Wedding. The same hotels that offer wedding services throughout the Riviera Maya offer you this possibility, as well as various agencies of tourism and ecotourism will provide the service to organize a Mayan wedding on the sand, in asacredcenote, in someancient city or aMayanvillage. Ashaman leads the ceremony in their own language, full of mysticism and rituals in connection with the sacred elements of nature, accompanied by traditional music and dances and typical drinks that purify our union are drunk. Both are dressed in white and give each other gifts between copal smoke, flowers and torches.According to choose wedding ceremony can finish off with a swim in the temazcal and the sacrifice of an animal to serve as a feast for your guests.

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