"Bacalar walks of natural sound, embraces my body with immensity, mixes between reality and eternal dreams ..."

The above lyrics stem from a verse in a song sung by Mexican indie rock artist Siddhartha. Who took inspiration from one of the most hidden gems of our country: the Bacalar lagoon.

It's to no surprise that Bacalar is a place that inspires so many people! Anyone who has set foot near this mystical region knows what we are referring to. The reflection of the lowering sun at days end on the calm waters of this spectacular aquatic mirror is one of the great gifts that nature has to offer.

The lagoon, located in the Quintana Roo community of Bacalar, takes its name from the Maya "Sian Ka'an Bakhalal" -  which means "birth of heaven"; and it truly seems that heaven begins here. It was founded by the Mayan people in 415 AD and became an important commercial destination during that time.

A lagoon painted as a rainbow

The locals refer to Bacalar as the lagoon of 7 colors due to the different shades of blue reflected by its waters. That's not to mention the breathtaking pastel colors that illuminate during sunrise and sunset in Quintana Roo!

Today, Bacalar is considered a natural landmark, protected by a vast number of mangroves that grow within the habitat, which measures more than 50 kilometers long. That’s hard to believe!

Without a doubt, it is a destination worth visiting.  Its location, distant from that of the city of Cancun, makes it an even cheaper destination than other tourist spots. This mean that it is a much quieter place to spend your vacations than Tulum or Playa del Carmen.

Near the lagoon you can inquire more information about the various tourist activities that the region offers. Among them, you can explore the colorful waters of Bacalar in a kayak, a small boat, or a jet ski. In additional, zip-lining, snorkeling and diving activities are available.

Have you not already fallen in love with this landscape? If you are looking for a place that exudes homage to the tranquility and beauty of nature, there's no better panorama than the skies of Bacalar.

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