Coba tour guide in Riviera Maya

Visiting theRiviera Maya and theMexican Caribbean involves much more than lots of sunlight, sand, blue sea and coral colors. Besides fun, comfort, gastronomy and nightlife, there are plenty of possibilities to get in touch with theMayan villages and culture, with its ancestral spirit, which survives among the exuberance of nature like no other.Water and archaeological parks, reserves natural,temples andancient cities,archaeological sites,villages and smallMayan villages,sacred cenotes and underground rivers, rituals and ceremonies, they can go into single cruises that combine the best of the landscape, history and culture alive.If you love outdoor life and adventure, history and cultural exchange, visit the archaeological zones ofYucatan is a forced point.Besides knowing monumental, ancient cities, pyramids, temples, ball game courts, sculptures and symbols are locked in the forest or by the sea, on the same route you can also enjoy the fresh and clear water of different cenotes. There you'll have some options for extreme sports and adventure driven by their own Mayan communities that invite you to visit their ceremonies, music, your kitchen and their home.In Mayan villages near Coba today there still live some communities.  One of the best options is to take a tour to the ancientMayan city of Cobaa vast ancient city in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by lagoons, east ofChichen Itza is just over 40 kilometers Tulum.The term can refer to Coba wet, mossy water, including water rocked by the wind but can also indicate water chachalacas or gopher tooth.What we do know is that Coba was one of theMayan cities of a greater splendor of the region in the classical period, which once numbered 50,000 and a complex system of internal roads that communicate with the sea, lagoons and inland rivers and major cities. Today, in Coba you can travel through thousands of buildings, including religious temples and carved with ancient inscriptions in a unique natural setting stones.Divided into three groups, buildings of Coba merge with the landscape, among huge trees and wild vegetation, lagoons and all local fauna you find any of the routes you choose. Point liable for any journey is to the pyramidNohoch Muul, the highest of allYucatan. From the top, you can admire the immensity of Coba and deep jungle.You can reach Coba on your own or hire any tour ecotourism combines a visit to the archeological site with Mayan cenotes nearby and small Mayan villages to live close to this culture. On the site, there arelocal guides,craft stalls and food.

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