What a fun adventure this tour is! It starts in the morning as you get picked up by a very friendly guide and proceed to the first half of your day. Our tour started with the three and a half hour Coba Maya Encounter. We hiked through the jungle and rappelled into a cenote, or sinkhole. The sinkholes naturally occur when limestone breaks apart and reveals underground water. We ziplined through a rainforest and canoed in a beautiful lagoon. With a Mayan Shaman leading us, we took part in a special blessing and finished our morning having an authentic and delicious Mayan lunch. It tasted like home cooking because it was.

  Coba Maya Encounter 

I know this sounds like a wild day so far but it is well organized and safe for children as well as adults. Our guide metaphorically and sometimes literally held our hand as we progressed through our adventures. We felt comfortable the whole time as their were many support staff around to ensure our safety. Professional photographers took our photos in various states of flying, zipping and swimming which are available for purchase. The photos were of an excellent quality and a great way to remember the day.

After lunch we continued our tour and spent two hours at the Coba archaeological site. Our guide gave us a very informative and interesting talk and tour of some of the sites including some temples and a ball game court. She was very knowledgeable and obviously very interested in the Mayan Culture. After speaking to her I wanted to learn so much more about these great people.

Get the whole story at his blog on: https://thecelebritycafe.com/2015/03/coba-maya-encounter/
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