Cenote Maya in Ek Balam: a great vacation option

Mexico south east coast is a famous place for tourism in the world. This spot is well-known for the Maya heritage that is easy to find in Mayan sites, culture, landscapes, traditions and people. Along the coast, you will find a series of towns and cities that have their own unique story to tell. Among them, there is Ek BalamEk Balam is considered one of the most impressive ceremonial centers of theYucatan Peninsula. Magnificent sculptures of high relief, squares and temples, the jaguar’s mouth, a ballgame, the “Arco Falso” (False Arch) and other icons of Mayan architecture are part of this amazing place.One of the most important activity you can practice when visiting this archaeological site is refreshing at Cenote Maya, the largest underground pool of the whole Peninsula. It has a dome of 60 m in diameter and circular shape, which is almost perfect. A monumental staircase leads to this natural beauty with gardens, giving shape to an incredible landscape.The Cenote Maya at Ek balam is a must see spot of the Riviera Maya.But Ek Balam is not just a landscape you'll fall in love with. To cross it in its entirety, you will also be discovering interesting activities in every corner. What do you think about, for example, making a visit to a colorful handicraft market in which you will be able to admire beautiful and quality objects and crafts made ​​by local people. Or just be part of a Mayan ceremony, knowing an authentic culture and known value despite the passage of time. You can learn about the Maya and their life, knowing how they made ​​their huts and homes, the use of medicinal plants and even taste the most traditional dishes.Visiting the majesticEk Balam site and Cenote Maya is probably one of the must-see on your nexttrip around Mexico. Do not let this marvelous opportunity go away!

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