The Riviera Maya is a Mexican destination highly equipped to receive tourists from around the globe.

Below, we list several aspects to consider when visiting Mexico for the first time, especially when traveling to the beautiful Mexican Caribbean. 

The cuisine found in the Riviera Maya is of traditional Mexican style.

Riviera Maya is a tourist zone located alongside the Caribbean Sea in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

This region is found in the southeast portion of Mexico, where many of the ancient Mayan civilizations were once located. For this reason, the region’s cuisine is a fusion of both Hispanic and Mayan ingredients and flavors. Although the area has seen a great impact made by the tourism industry, the region’s gastronomy has remained the same.

Its unique flavors are recognized throughout the world due to the strong presence of specific condiments used in the region’s seasonings.

A few of the main ingredients used in local cuisine include: pumpkin seeds, oregano, purple onion, sour oranges, sweet peppers, lime, corn, habanero peppers, and cilantro.

Upon visiting the Riviera Maya it will become evident that the local cuisine is of utmost importance to the local communities, as it unites families and brings people together. We highly recommend visitors to try the cochinita pibil, motuleños eggs, lime soup, panuchos, and papadzules. 

While we encourage tourists to try as much food as possible, it may be difficult at first due to the spiciness of local dishes. However, Mexican cuisine truly acts as a window into the local culture. 

People are prepared to speak to you in your native language.

The official language of Mexico is Spanish, however, in certain regions of the country indigenous languages, such as Maya, are also spoken. This is the case in certain areas of the Riviera Maya.

As one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, English and Spanish are the most commonly spoken languages. However, at Alltournative, guides also speak French, German, and Italian.

While your visit to Mexico may be based on your desire to practice Spanish, we are always willing to speak in your native tongue. We love to teach and improve our client’s Spanish and are extremely patient with those who are learning. We are simply happy to know that so many people have the desire to learn Spanish.

If this sounds like you, we assure you that will return home having learned numerous expressions in Spanish and/or Maya that they do not teach in schools and universities.

You will learn everything about that the mythical Mayan culture.

As was mentioned above, the Riviera Maya is located in an area submerged in Mayan culture.

We are extremely proud of our roots, and whenever we are asked respectfully about our culture, we are more than happy to share its greatest secrets.

When visiting us, ask us about the origin of chewing gum, the Mayan calendar, the spring equinox, how our ancestors lived, the Mayan numeral system, and what happened to the ancient Mayan civilization.

The weather is beautiful all year long.

The local climate is usually warm, slightly humid, and with frequent rains throughout the year. This type of climate maintains the region’s abundant vegetation, or 90% of the region’s dense jungle.

Temperatures are usually around 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). 

If that doesn’t convince you, be reassured that there is also air conditioning available almost everywhere. 

We take care of our visitors.

Do not believe everything you see in the media - the environment is very secure and tourists are safe.

As one of the region’s primary tourist destinations, it is absolutely essential for us to maintain a healthy relationship with visitors to the Riviera Maya.

We are a large, modern, open-minded, family-friendly destination prepared to receive visitors of all ages, nationalities, and group sizes.

Always remember that when traveling it is important to use common sense and never to put oneself at risk - just as in any other place, familiar or not.

We have the most beautiful beaches that you will ever see.

The beaches of the Mexican Caribbean are known for their crystal clear, turquoise blue waters and soft, white sand.

The waters are almost always calm, with little force - making it a prime destination for sailing and swimming with the entire family.

If you are someone in search of a pristine snorkeling spot and wish to discover the incredible marine life in the waters coral reefs, the Snorkel Native Park is a must.

There is so much to do.

Nightlife, first class restaurants, archeological sites, nature reserves, eco-parks, shopping centers, adventure activities, and above all, authenticity. 

Come and discover Mexico with your own eyes - you won’t be disappointed.

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