While thousands of tourists from around the globe travel to experience paradisiacal destinations with stunning panoramas, not everyone dares to explore the beauty of ancestral cenotes. 

What Are Cenotes?

Cenotes are open or closed aquatic formations that often form the most impressive visual spectacles in the entire Riviera Maya.

Created over time due to glacier pulses during the Pleistocene period, these structures are millions of years old.

A Door to Other Worlds

These spaces store the memories of a period far before our time. By immersing yourself in one of them, you can marvel in the same way that the ancient Maya did, as they stopped to admire the mysticism of these remarkable aquatic scenarios.

To the ancient Mayan civilization these spaces symbolized entrances to Xibalba, or the underworld, a place where death ruled and to which they paid tribute. For this reason, cenotes were seen as sacred spaces where you could perform rituals and connect with other worlds.

Dare to Explore a Cenote!

Marvel at the astonishing panorama of an ancient Mayan cenote. As part of our Native Parks experience you will have the opportunity to enter the Cenote Maya, the cenote with the largest cavern in the Yucatan Peninsula; Sac Actún, the world's largest underground river system located in the Mayan Jungle, and Media Luna, located within our most extreme park, Emotions.

What Activities Are Available?

Within the cenotes you have the opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters, snorkel with a guide, zip line, and rappel. There are also additional zip line activities, cliff diving platforms, and kayaks for exploring the inside of the cave.

Cenotes Are An Alternative for the Beach

When we think of summer vacations, sand and sea usually come to mind. But why not try something new? While there are many beaches around the world, cenotes exist only at very specific destinations.

Have the best experience of your life while visiting a place that connects to nature and an ancient culture.

Dream big and live an exceptional adventure in Riviera Maya!

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