Arriving to Mexico is like entering another world. Salvador Dalí once said, "Mexico is a surrealist country," a place full of contrasts, contradictions, colors, and the Mexican people.But fear not, Mexico is one of the most visited destinations in the world, known for its culture, flavor, and people. If you are planning a trip to the beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya, we guarantee that it will be an amazing experience.Our strongest recommendation is that prior to travel, you prepare yourself for an experience that will test your vision of the world and help you to gain a broader perspective of your reality and those of others. 

Myths to ignore.

"No sombrero, no problemo!"

One of the greatest myths about Mexico is that it consists of a giant desert, populated by cactuses in all directions, with men who wear huge hats while sunbathing with tequila at their side. Many imagine something similar to imagines seen in Speedy González, which is completely false.In a country of more than 120 million inhabitants you will find an impressive diversity of people with different tastes and appearances - ranging from indigenous communities with origins as unique as the Mayan culture, to children of Lebanese and Jewish immigrants. Mexico has it all. 

Mexican slang is part of everyday life.

It is very true that "wey", "órale" and "cabrón" are very Mexican expressions. However, unless you quickly gain the confidence of a Mexican, they will most likely talk to you with great respect if they do not know you.On the other hand, if you want to immerse yourself in the Mexican culture and learn local jargon, while visiting us in Riviera Maya, rest assured you will learn unique expressions such as "quitarse de un lugar", which means "to leave a place", or you’ll start replacing words like “big” with "nohoch".  After a while, you will surprise yourself by saying things like "podría preparame una torta nohoch?” or “could you make me a large torta?” 

Mexicans are “lazy".  

There is no myth greater than this one. Mexico is one of the most productive countries in the world, in addition to having a defined work culture.At Alltournative alone, we have a team of 400 individuals who dedicate their lives to preserving the local nature and ensuring that our visitors have the best experiences.   

Surprising realities and customs.

The friendliest people you will meet.

Mexico is a country friendly by nature. Whether you are a foreigner or a local, there will always be a Mexican lending you a hand, greeting you in the morning, telling you when it’s time to eat, or wishing you good health when you sneeze.  Yes, you can eat chile, but not always.  Okay, as a foreigner, everything may seem extremely spicy at first. However, Mexican cuisine offers much more than habaneros and jalapeños. Popular examples include panuchos, poc chuc, and lime soup. It's just a matter of exploring the local food.   

There is more than just Taco Bell.

It is well known that in Mexico there is no Taco Bell.  Do you know why? Mexicans know that there is a significant difference between the so-called "tacos gringos" and real Mexican tacos. In addition, Mexican cuisine does not stop at tacos alone.  With Alltournative, for example, you will taste the essence of regional flavor while understanding the quality of local organic crops. 

Time is flexible in Mexico.  

It’s necessary to distinguish that in Mexico  “now" may mean in 15 minutes or never. It is also a fact that if a Mexican says, "I'm almost there”, it's because he or she just finished bathing and is getting ready quickly.  Do you want to know more about the Mexican culture? Come and visit us soon! At Alltournative we want to share a cultural exchange with you.

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