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ATV tours are a popular way to see the jungle and do something active in the Rivera Maya. Many people like to get off the all inclusive hotel properties for these types of tours. We went on the allTOURnative ATV tour at their own Go nATiVe’s Parkand are bringing you this review to let you know what it is like.

allTOURnative’s ATV Tour

First off we want to say it is not just about riding and ATV (all terrain vehicle). It is a tour with stops at places of interest in their park. If you have read other tour reviews on our site you will know we like allTOURnative tour company because they respect the local culture and incorporate learning some things about the Riviera Maya and what makes it a special place. They carry this principle in this tour as well. Their park is a natural area where Mayan people have lived for a long time. Some of the things on this tour that you will see are a traditional Mayan home, a cenote which you swim in, Mayan ruins, and a cave that you walk into. The guides for allTOURnative are very good at explaining the history of the area and also pointing out some interesting things in nature that are found here.Natives is a great ATV tour to enjoy the mayan jungle and ruins.When you first arrive you will get checked in for your timed tour. There are good  lockers to put most of your stuff in. Make sure you go to the bathroom before the tour since3 it is two and a half hours. You do not need to bring a towel since they provide one, sunglasses are not needed since you have goggles for the ATV, and keeping your hands free is a safety issue, so they take professional photos for you. So most everything goes in the lockers.

Recommendations for this tour

This tour is a good half day tour for those that do not want to do a full day. It is good for people that like to ride ATV’s or at least try driving them. You get more then just riding on this tour like the cenote swim and visiting the different locations in the park. This is a quality tour and this company does a good job with having informed guides and presenting the park in a beautiful manner. There is not really anything we can say we would improve on with this tour so they are doing a good job.Another thing about this tour we like is the fact it is in the woods and cooler. If you are a little hot from walking around or too much beach time, this tour will have your driving around in the shady woods and cooler temperatures.This tour is not for people with health issues like back problems and all drivers must be of age. This tour is not recommended for children and they have restrictions.If you liked reading about this tour be sure to check out our other day trips and tour reviews like the one on allTOURnative’s Jungle Maya tour.Have you been on this tour? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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