Ecotourism has become a global trend now that companies are realizing the great impact that the tourism sector can have on the environment. Today, there are curious tourists looking for sustainable destinations, but often times it can be difficult to know where to start. To help, there are specific companies that provide assistance during the search. One such company is EarthCheck. As a leading global certification organization for the travel and tourism industry, EarthCheck helps companies to be environmentally friendly reduce production costs through consulting and scientific benchmarking.

Since 1987 EarthCheck has worked alongside companies, communities, and governments to promote practices in clean, safe, prosperous, and healthy tourist destinations and to visit global destinations, live, work and have fun.

What is the Certification?

The certification program is based on the UN Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development and is approved by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). In addition, the certification is approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

The program demonstrates to participating companies how EarthCheck can assist the team by organizing and reporting environmental management and social processes.

How is Certification Achieved?

Throughout the certification process different key areas such as water protection, resource management, planning, transportation, innovation, and corporate social responsibility are evaluated.

Obtaining the “EarthCheck Certified” seal signifies that a company is concerned for the planet and demonstrates their environmental commitment.

To ensure compliance with international standards, the organization conducts anual evaluations related to the protocol of greenhouse gases, responsible tourism, and certifications.

One More Year Making a Difference

In 2019 EarthCheck granted Alltournative the Gold level certification for the second consecutive year, which positions us as the only tour operator in Mexico with this distinction and one of the leaders in an international group of sustainable tour operators that have obtained such certification according to international business standards.

We are a company based on sustainability - we show that our commitment is with the environment and the richness of nature and with the Mayan natives and their lands. Every day we try to preserve customs in an orderly and responsible manner, and with the EarthCheck recognition, we have made it official.

We now have a valuable tool to convey our achievements in administrative and
environmental performance, which demonstrates our company to be one of recognition, credibility, best practice performance, and cost reduction.

As we continue with the 2020 plans for the preservation of the ecosystem, social and economic development of the communities where we operate, and the cultural preservation of Quintana Roo, together we can achieve it and we commit to continuing the work for many years to come.

Congratulations to all the members who work for Alltournative and for their dedication, work commitment, and efforts throughout all the years. Thanks to you all, it has been possible to preserve an entire culture. Being Native means opportunity, knowledge, and development. It means being in touch with nature, making our roots known, and generating happiness in people and so much more.


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