Alltournative presents: Hanal Pixan 2015

As part of the celebration of the Day of the Dead, Alltournative tour operator, aligning his social commitment, promotes the tradition of Hanal Pixan, which will take place next October 31st.The Mayan community of “Tres Reyes” in the city of Lazaro Cardenas, Quintana Roo, will host the celebration. In collaboration with residents of nearby communities like “El Naranjal”, “Punta Laguna” and “Nuevo Durango”, prepares to receive, 300 guests coming through the tour operator. This link between the Mayan villages reaffirms its pride to preserve their traditions and customs that joyfully share with visitors.Hanal Pixan, which means in Mayan meal of souls, is a feast for the dead to delight, because it was believed that for three days the spirits could visit their relatives. The first day, 31st October, is dedicated to children and called "U Hanal Palal" or "Chichan Pixan". The second day is dedicated to the "Nohoch Pixan" older souls. Finally on November 2nd is the Hanal Pixan, dedicated to all the dead, even lonely souls who do not remember them. This year will be held the day dedicated to involving young children in Mayan communities to prevail this tradition alive for generations to come.Hanal Pixan celebrationThe ceremony aims to honor ancestors and maintain the link between living and dead, and that for the Mayans; death was a transition to a different life. Five community shamans gather attendees to the great Mayan ceremony was held at the Well of Life, a setting of great natural beauty, decorated with percussion and the aroma of incense.Visitors will have an interactive experience with the families of the village to decorate altars, learning about the significance of its entirety. Finally tasted the traditional dishes of the feast, made with vegetables and organic pigs and prepared with traditional recipes: pumpkin soup, Chaya steamers, corn gruel with xtabentún, chimole pork and coconut crema.Hanal Pixan activities will be conducted as follows:
  • 4:00 pm decoration of altars with the families of the community
  • 6:00 pm Ceremony Hanal Pixan in the “Cenote of Life” with shamans
  • 7:00 pm "Dinner souls" with typical dishes prepared in the community
  • 8:00 pm Return to Playa del Carmen and Cancun

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