Sustainability efforts: economic development in local communities

Alltournative promotes eco-tourism projects in different local communities seeking for an economic development, preserving the Mayan culture and protecting the environment. In its commitment to develop sustainable tourism in the area, Alltournative creates environmental and social conditions that operate harmoniously with communities to achieve the following objectives:

  • Contribute to economic development by creating direct jobs and preventing migration. Improve lifestyle in the villages.
  • Contribute to education of the children and training for the adults.
  • Preserve and recover traditions in the communities.
  • Preserve and protect local flora and fauna.
Economic Development

Increase the economic family income in the locations where we work with, they receive a fixed monthly income that is delivered to the community, an income from each visitor (variable according to the tourist seasons), revenues from sources of employment and an income from the sale of handcrafts and photographs.

In Pacchen and Tres Reyes 100 jobs have been created (local guides, photographers, clerks, cooks and waitresses) benefiting over 250 families that participate in a weekly role of work, in that way everyone involved can improve their income; moreover this work scheme allows them to maintain their customs and traditions such as apiculture and traditional agriculture. Other Maya villages with the same schema are Rancho San Felipe, Laguna Chabela, Esmeralda and Cenote Maya.

Eighty young native people have been trained as photographers, so they can have better paid jobs. Moreover, they find motivation into photography contests that award their talent.

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