Are you currently planning your spring break but haven’t yet convinced yourself to spend it enjoying a warm climate in paradise?

It is a well-known tradition that tourists often spend spring break in the Riviera Maya. If you already have your bags packed and tickets in hand, there is no excuse. You and your friends must take advantage of one of life’s greatest opportunities and experience extraordinary adventures in some of the best places that Mexico has to offer.


If you and your friends contain the adventurous spirit, visiting Emotions will be one of the best decisions you make together. You can go hiking, swim in cenotes, and explore the jungle by zip-line. In additional, ATV rides are available within the park. The best part…these tours are also available at night!

Your plan might be more oriented towards getting to know natural landscapes. If this is the case, you and your companions will love visiting Cenote Maya. You will have the opportunity to rappel down its rocky walls or tour the zip line known as “Trepachanga”.

Similarly, if you want to be awed by another natural wonder, we recommend visiting Jungle Maya. Which is located within Sac Actún, one of the most impressive underground rivers in the entire world.

However, if at the end of the day you just want to rest and have a moment of leisure, we invite you to visit Snorkel Native Park. Where you can witness the incredible colors of the Puerto Morelos reef, without even getting off the sandy beach.

During Spring Break, not everything has to be about partying and excess celebration. For many, it is a moment of peace and quiet. Take advantage of the opportunity to know one of the most incredible and ancient cultures of the world, the Mayan culture.

In addition to visiting any one of our native parks, Alltournative has various tours where you can visit ancient Mayan ruins, such as Chichén Itzá, considered one of the seven new wonders of the modern world. Another option is Nohoch Mul in Cobá, the highest pyramid in the entire Yucatan peninsula.

So, how do you plan to spend your next spring break?  Tell us through our social networks!

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