One of the most amazing things that  Riviera Maya can offer is its natural beauty. Its surroundings keeps ecological treasures adventure, culture and nature and at Jungla Maya Native Park I found the same combination. I marveled at the dense greenery of the rainforest so close to the beaches of the mexican caribbean and I’ll always look for maximum fun in everything I do. That's why I present to you the 9 reasons why you should not miss the opportunity to visit Jungle Maya Native Park:

    1. Easy access: Jungla Maya Native Park is located on the highway Chetumal-Puerto Juarez, which begins at Cancun, goes all the way through the Riviera Maya, pass by Playa del Carmen, Tulum until reaching Chetumal. The entrance to Jungla Maya Native Park is just 6.2 miles before Tulum so you can find it next to the road.
    1. Unimog 4x4:Venturing into the jungle aboard an ATV (Unimog 4x4) at high speed will generate an exciting adrenaline warming you up with the best attitude to begin the adventure.
    1. Jungle Maya:The magical feeling that produces being surrounded by the verdant jungle is fantastic and hopefully you’ll watch some jungle animals like "Momoto" bird or "Red" fox among many other species.
    1. Specialized guides:They are the perfect hosts! Besides being super fun, they are experts and their extensive knowledge give you a completely new and fresh perspective about the culture and the nature around you.
    1. Maya Ceremony:A shaman of the Maya community leads a traditional ceremony which is not only welcoming you, but also to seek permission from the guardians of nature and deliver "protection" throughout your adventure. It is a contact with the incredible Maya culture.
    1. Flying high:Appreciate the dense jungle from an aerial view is a unique experience. Different heights, lengths and speeds make each zip line an individual opportunity to let yourself be surprised and enjoy the fresh air you breathe at high altitudes.
    1. Lowering to the cenote:Low rappelling down the narrow entrance of the cave to the crystalline waters of Yaxxmul cenote.
    1. Snorkel at the cenote.The Nohoch cenote is just the entrance to the system of the world's longest underground river. Explored by National Geographic Snorkeler. In the river you feel like swimming over an abyss.
  1. Chayitas:One thing is a mexican appetizer and another level are these golden and delicious samples of local cuisine. Experts recommend connoisseurs use base then bathe them with layers of beans, salsa, chicken or beef, cream and grated cheese.
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