If you are deciding the next destination of your trip and Tulum appears as option, probably it would end up being the winner. And if do not yet know why, you should take a look at these five things you should know about Tulum. As soon as you  finish reading this article you will want to start packing and get going to visit this great destination of Riviera Maya.

1. Its first name was ‘Zama’

This was the original name and it was the one Mayans gave to the city. It meant “dawn” in their language. Then, once this archaeological site was discovered, it was renamed as Tulum, which means walled city.

2. The site is in front of the sea

No other Maya archaeological site is built on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Tulum is the only Mayan archaeological site located beachfront, forming a unique landscape that combines sea, beaches and Mayan buildings. It is certainly something you not find elsewhere.

Take a look at some of the best photos of Tulum
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3. It is a natural protected area

In addition to containing the Mayan site, Tulum is an important watershed that provides a large amount of fresh water. The underground rivers, rivers and cenotes in the region are impressive. And they are all really near Tulum. Some of them are Cenote Dos Ojos, Gran Cenote and Cenote Cristal.

4. It is very quiet at night

The night in Tulum, if there are no clouds, is very starry. This is very appreciated feature by tourists seeking tranquillity in a dream location away from the noise of the city. But this does not mean there is no activity in the night of Tulum. The village has a quiet hotel zone with variety of accommodation options, bars and restaurants, relaxing spas and a bohemian atmosphere, where many tourists go their ways by walk on foot or by bike.

5. It has amazing tours

Getting bored is not an option here. Among all the amazing things and activities to do in Tulum, there are the most fun tours and archaeological expeditions. Obviously you can explore the Mayan sites, be amazed by the buildings and walk around them. But there are also tours that take you to explore the jungle and meet other iconic places. Not to mention activities like snorkelling, diving and swimming in cenotes, or kayaking on a jungle river. There is much to do!

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