Five Cenotes in Tulum

Imagine a place where nature has achieved its maximum splendor and the visual spectacle captivates and draws in thousands of explorers who long to discover the secrets hidden behind its majestic beauty. Mexico’s breathtaking cenotes are a prime example.

There are few places where one can witness the dazzling panorama of a cenote, and Mexico’s Riviera Maya is undoubtedly a top contender.

For those wishing to experience the mystery and beauty of a cenote as part of their bucket list. The following 5 cenotes located in Mexico’s stunning Tulum are a must-see.

Gran Cenote

Perhaps the best known of the cenotes in Tulum, Gran Cenote is located just 5 kilometers from the town’s center, and offers an astonishing view of crystal clear waters. Here, you can live among the fish, and occasionally, swim alongside baby turtles.

Cenote Zacil-Ha

On the road between Tulum and Coba, one will stumble upon this calm cenote. Due to the shallow depth of its waters and the tranquility of its surroundings. Cenote Zacil-Ha has become a popular destination for families with children.

Cenote Manatí

Only 11 km from Tulum, one will discover this breathtaking cenote, that upon first glance, appears to be a lagoon in paradise. However, in reality it is an open air cenote where one can partake in numerous recreational activities. In addition to snorkeling - diving, paddle surfing, and kayaking are among the most popular.

Cenote Calavera

For the most adventurous travelers, this cenote, also known as the "Temple of Ruin", is the prime destination. Although the entrance to the cenote appears to be of lesser diameter, beneath its waters its vastness begins to expand and eventually unfolds entirely. Often described as a place being“out of this world”, it is ideal for diving - including first-time divers.

Cenote Aktun Ha

Oddly enough, this cenote was not previously known as a tourist site. In the past, taxi drivers utilized this location to obtain water used to wash their cars. Hence its nickname, "Cenote Carwash". However, in recent years, the cenote has captivated a rising number of tourists. With its shallow waters, it is the perfect location for swimming and snorkeling - even for those who have minor experience.

Cenote Yaxmuul

Inside the park known as “Jungla Maya”, or “Mayan Jungle”, one will find the cenote of Yaxmuul. Without question, if you are looking for a unique experience, you must not miss the spectacular scenery that the Jungla Maya offers. With extremely calm and shallow waters, it is possible to even walk in certain areas.

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