10 things to do in Riviera Maya: The Riviera Maya is an internationally recognized destination, located on the coast of southeastern Mexico, in the Yucatan peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo, a tourist site that cannot go unnoticed in your next vacation, that's why at ALLTOURNATIVE, we share 10 things that you can do in Riviera Maya to make your visit a complete adventure.

Tulum, the exceptional.

Combining the beautiful white sands of its beaches with the turquoise blue of the Caribbean Sea, the ruins of the ancient Mayan settlement of Tulum, one of the most viewed and representative images of the Mayan Riviera, emerge from the cliffs. Enjoy its 9 km of beach or tour the ruins with one of the specialized guides, whatever your decision is, Tulum is the perfect place to start the adventure. And yes, in ALLTOURNATIVE, you will find the best options to discover this mystical Mayan Center.

10 things to do in Riviera Maya 

Immerse yourself in the cenotes.

Exploring, swimming and diving is something that could not be missed in the 10 things to do in Riviera Maya. Delve into the mystical Mayan cenotes, natural formations of the landscape that were sacred places for the ancient civilization that was established throughout the area. Snorkel in its wonderful waters and amaze yourself all around, of course with ALLTOURNATIVE guides, you will have it all covered.

10 things to do in Riviera Maya 

Chichen Itzá.

We have to mention the most important archaeological zone of the Yucatan Peninsula In this list of 10 things to do in Riviera Maya, named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, of course we are talking about the ruins of Chichen Itza. Marvel at the ancient buildings of the Mayan village and venture in the middle of the jungle with the different tours offered by our ALLTOURNATIVE guides, it’s certainly a different experience from the others.

10 things to do in Riviera Maya 

Explore the coral reef.

The Mexican Reef System is the largest in the Americas and the second largest coral reef in the world with an extension of a thousand kilometers across the Caribbean. You can dive in the Puerto Morelos National Park waters to snorkel. Accompanied by our ALLTOURNATIVE experts, so that you'll be able discover thousands of colors that hide this natural underwater environment.10 things to do in Riviera Maya 

Travel the longest underground river in the world.

In the halfway through this list of 10 things to do in Riviera Maya, we recommend an adventure like no other, discover the bowels of the Sac-Actún system, the longest underground river in the world, explored and recommended by specialized divers of National Geographic Snorkeler. Enjoy peacefully, because, you will always be under the watch of ALLTOURNATIVE experts during the tour!10 things to do in Riviera Maya 

The highest pyramid in Cobá.

Only 47 km from Tulum, we find another archeological site in 10 things to do in Riviera Maya, the ancient city of Cobá, with the highest pyramid of the peninsula, Nohoch Mul. A mystical settlement in the middle of the jungle, ready to amaze you with all the secrets that will be revealed to you in your adventure with ALLTOURNATIVE.10 things to do in Riviera Maya 

Ecological Reserve of Sian-Ka'an.

Also declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Ecological Reserve of Sian-Ka'an awaits you to show you the most exclusive beaches that accompany natural wonders such as the cenotes, lagoons, mangroves and dunes that will give you a unique experience with the nature.10 things to do in Riviera Maya 

Living with a millennial culture.

One of the main reasons of ALLTOURNATIVE is to preserve the ancient Mayan culture by supporting different local communities in the area. That’s why we cannot miss this occasion so that you can live up close to the rituals and ceremonies of the said culture.10 things to do in Riviera Maya 

Discover the jungle at night.

Can you imagine a journey in the middle of the Mayan jungle after the sun goes down on the horizon? Do not keep imagining, we recommend the park Emotions Jungle Night of Alltournative. A completely different adventure going into the jungle in ATV, flying by zip line and submerging into the cenote, all complemented by the experience of ancient rituals.10 things to do in Riviera Maya 

Shopping and gastronomy on Fifth Avenue.

To close our list of 10 things to do in Riviera Maya, we find the most famous street in Playa del Carmen, Fifth Avenue. Full of restaurants of international and local cuisine restaurants, prestigious shops and a nightlife that will simply make you to want more.10 things to do in Riviera MayaVisit our friends at 'Felices Vacaciones', a travel blog with more information and details of this and many more sites of interest. 

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